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The Airpower Museum

The Air Power Museum's mission is to preserve our aviation heritage as well as educate both present and future generations about that heritage.

The APM has over 20,000 square feet of display and storage space plus tons of many spare engine and aircraft parts, both on display and being made available to AAA members to assist in their restoration.

The Airpower Museum features a large collection of aircraft, many of which are flown regularly.

At each National AAA/APM Fly-In, the APM holds a Fly-Market, allowing members to buy, sell and trade parts for their airplanes and engines.

Visiting the Airpower Museum

The Airpower Museum is open for visitors:

  • Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
  • Saturday 10am - 5pm
  • Sunday 1pm - 5pm
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Technical Manuals and Drawings

The APM Library has a large collection of aeronautical books, periodicals, and technical drawings from the Golden Age of aviation. Selected technical manuals and drawing resources are now available online as a benefit for AAA members.

Adkisson Hangar Buy-A-Foot Campaign

Long-time APM Board member, the late Earl "Skeezix" Adkisson, kept his collection of antiques and homebuilts on his strip at Atwood, IL. While the airport is gone, Earl's 45'x48' hangar is not. In fact, it's found a new home.

We've moved Earl's hangar and plan to reassemble it at Antique Airfield. You can help by becoming an owner of a square foot of space in the hangar. Your donation for a square foot will help fund the hangar site preparation and reassembly, and you'll have permanent entry as an owner of a square foot within the Adkisson hangar and here on

Adkisson Hangar Buy-a-Foot Campaign.

Type Support

The APM owns and sells the Ken-Royce (LeBlond) and Rearwin Cloudster factory remains.

The APM has also acquired the Helton Lark Aircraft Company and can now offer spare parts for the Helton Lark and Culver Cadets.

What's the difference between the AAA and the APM?

Read about the relationship between the AAA and the Airpower Museum.

APM Trustees

Who are the APM Trustees? Here are some biographies for APM trustees, who work closely with the AAA Directors.