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Editor's Note: The fixation with Nixon's hand comes from jealously over Paul Berge's handshake with same. Check out the AAA Directors' Bios to find out more.

Harve Applegate, Queen City, Missouri

Paul Harvey (Harve) Applegate has been involved in flying since he was born. His first flight was in a J-3 Cub flown by his father when he was a couple weeks old. Airplanes, more specifically, antique, classics, and neo-classic airplanes, are his passion. His strong interest in these planes began as a child when he attended the Antique Airplane Convention with his father when it was held at Ottumwa. He always dreamed of owning some of those magnificent airplanes. His dream came true when he purchased a neglected 1952 Cessna 170B. After many years of hard work and polishing it became an award winner. A few years later he added a 1940 J-3 Cub to his collection. In 2001 the 170 was sold as he purchased a 1950 Cessna 195. After owning it a few years it became a desire to own a bi-plane. Hence the 195 was sold and into the picture flew a beautiful 1936 Waco YKS-6. Currently the J-3 Cub and Waco share a hanger at Applegate Airport near Queen City, MO.

More recently Harve has developed an interest in antique homebuilts. He and a friend, Alvin Musser, have purchased a Pober Pixie project and are in the process of restoring it. It should be in the air this spring.

The whole Applegate family is engrossed in aviation. Harve's wife, Carolyn has her private ticket as does their daughter, Taryn. Taryn was recently married to Ryan Pemberton who is an avid flyer and comes from a family who loves the antiques as well. Matthew, though restricted to a wheelchair, loves ANYTHING to do with aviation and, when he is not up flying with someone, spends much time under the wings of airplanes observing and taking in all the flying he can. Shalyn, the youngest, also shows an interest in flying and hopes to earn her ticket when she is old enough. The Applegates promote aviation by holding a large fly-in each summer that attracts many wonderful antique airplanes and flying folks.

The Applegates look forward every year to the AAA/APM Fly-in as well as other events at Blakesburg. They all agree that Blakesburg is their home away from home.

Steve Black, Des Moines, Iowa

Stephen Black grew up in Ottumwa, Iowa. Being a local boy my father would take the family to those early AAA fly-ins at the old navy base. One of those early events stands clearest in mind. This is where I met a lady (Ann Pellegreno) who had recreated (and completed) Amelia Earhart's around the world flight. I also took my first airplane ride that day!

I came back from that ride changed, I was hooked. Like many of you aviation enthusiasts of that time I was enthralled with the space program and spent countless hours building model airplanes and rockets. I soled my junior year of high school and attended a high school aviation program my senior year. I was determined to make aviation my career.

Somewhere along the way stable employment became my top priority and I went into Information Management instead. Married with two grown children and 3 grandchildren I've resided in Des Moines for about 30 years. I fly a Beech Musketeer (kind of like a supersized Ercoupe with rudder pedals), was flying a Stinson 10 (now apart for restoration) and have an American Eaglet project.

Just to keep folks confused, Steve Black who runs the FBO at the Ottumwa airport is a shirttail cousin. He's the one that can sell you gas, whereas I'm the one that occasionally gets gas. And speaking of shirttail cousins my Grandmother was always proudest of the fact she is a shirttail cousin of Richard Nixon and an Aunt was one of his landlords. This Bio was much longer but I lost part of it.

Jim Jones, Newton, Iowa

Jim Jones, a former normal person, is a lifer in the Antique Airplane Association and brings the donuts when he attends the Board of Director meetings for the Air Power Museum. He spent seven years restoring the red and black Meyers OTW that he flies ... and is still married. He was born in Pennsylvania, but grew up in North Carolina and Virginia and loves grits, so he's a rebel at heart. He talked a few flight instructors into his instrument, commercial and multi-engine ratings.

Along the way he found time to get a graduate degree in television production. He's also worked as a photographer, meeting and event planner, corporate pilot and goat roper. Growing up as a preacher's kid formed him into a stable, well rounded person.

After joining the AAA, attending antique airplane fly-ins, and hanging out with the people that love those antique airplanes, he was changed forever. He soon became addicted to flying, touching, watching, smelling and dreaming antique airplanes. The good news is that his wife of 34 years, Becky, loves the old airplanes too. Their son, Adam, grew up with antique airplanes and now lives in Germany. Jim believes the future of our aviation history lies in the Antique Airplane Association and the Air Power Museum.

Mark Lancaster, Ottumwa, Iowa

Mark was born in Joplin Missouri in 1955. He left the state shortly thereafter and moved north where he has spent over 50 years enjoying the rolling hills and prairies of Iowa. Growing up on a farm, Mark connected to mother Earth but he was always looking up to the skies. He soloed at 16 years of age and purchased an old Luscombe a few years later that would carry him, and his soon to be wife Teri, back and forth from college in Pittsburg Kansas to Ottumwa.

Graduating from Pittsburg State University he headed out into the world with a diploma in hand and a "sky's the limit" attitude about finding his fortune in the wonderful world of aviation. Unfortunately aircraft manufacturers weren't hiring executive vice presidents at that time and Mark found himself in the family business back in Ottumwa. Helping out for the summer turned into a career with Lancaster Oil Company. Running a business and raising a family kept Mark out of the skies and his feet firmly planted but he kept looking up.

In his late forties he came to the realization that if he was to enjoy his dream he had better get to work on it. He purchased a polished 1956 Cessna 172 and started flying again. Soon to follow, still in pursuit of his dream, was a beautifully restored 1938 Fairchild 24. Iowa had once again turned into heaven. He and Teri fly as much as time will allow and enjoy their aircraft with their daughter Robin and son Tanner as often as they can.

Mark carries a Private Pilot's Certificate in his pocket alongside his Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic's license. When not in the air he enjoys motorcycling, four wheeling and sailing. The latter earning him the moniker Capn' Mark. Although Mark never shook Nixon's hand he Captained the sailboat whose dinghy and crew were "run off" from Jimmy Buffet's yacht in the Caribbean.

If you would like to hear more of his incredible journeys as captain of the skies and seas just drop by the pub during the fly-in where he, and his lovely wife Teri, will be co-captaining the mighty ship Pilots Pub through another great AAA fly-in.

Mike Lossner, Mitchellville, Iowa

Mike Lossner, M-167L, was conceived in a "Super Cruiser" on floats, born and raised in cental Iowa, and is the son of Harold and Janet Lossner. He has attended all the AAA National Fly-ins but three (the joint AAA-EAA fly-in at Oshkosh in 1956 and two in Bartlesville OK). He grew up helping his family rebuild and maintain aircraft at the North Field Airport in Des Moines, IA, to help support their aviation addiction.

Mike learned to fly in 1968 in the family Meyers OTW and earned his Private Pilots certificate in that same airplane. He added an Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics certificate in 1970 and an Inspection Authorization in 1987.

His aviation career has included being a flight control specialist with the Iowa ANG, an Aircraft Maintenance Tech at the local Cessna dealer, Aircraft Maintenance Tech at the local Piper distributor and he is currently the Director of Maintenance at Excel Aviation in Ankeny IA.

He has restored and owned a Piper J-3 and Cessna 120. He also owned a Piper PA-17 named "Droopy" and currently owns and flies a 1957 Piper PA-22 which he reportedly is quite fond of.

He resides in Mitchellville, IA with his lovely wife Mary, and a golden retreiver. They have six children and seven grandchildren with more on the way.

Mike never shook hands with Richard Nixon but he was almost shot down over Antique Airfield by "Marine One" while carrying then President Nixon between Ottumwa and Lake Rathbun near Centerville, IA.

Brent Taylor, Blakesburg, Iowa

Brent Taylor, AAA Executive Director and Treasurer of the APM is a life long resident of Iowa and son of AAA and APM founder Robert Taylor. Being a 1956 model he has grown up with the AAA (1953), the APM (1965) and Antique Airfield (1970). Most of his formative years were spent hanging around airports such as Ottumwa, Oskaloosa and Albia Iowa as what used to be known as an airport kid.

Soloing at 16, over the ensuing decades he has added private and commercial pilot certificates along with a multi-engine rating and an Airframe and Powerplant mechanics license with an Inspection Authorization.

While his base of operations has always been at the AAA he has experienced forays into other venues of aviation including ferry pilot, a stint as an Aviation Maintenance Instructor at the college level, writer, photographer, mechanic and FAA agitator.

Currently his duties at Antique Airfield are varied and many but include being the Fly-in Chairman for the AAA/APM National Fly-in as well as representing the AAA on the FAA National Ad Hoc committee on Aging Aircraft.

He owns a 1939 Porterfield CP-50 that he hopes will fly again before he is too old to get in it and he has parts and plans for a couple of homebuilts as well. He lives, as they say, at home with his wife of almost 30 years Marcy. They have one son, Benjamin, who is also a pilot and mechanic and works with his father and grandfather at Antique Airfield.

And while he never shook Nixon's hand he reportedly met Steve McQueen when he was alive.

  • Robert L. Taylor, Blakesburg, Iowa. APM Founder and Chairman, powerplant rating, pilot
  • Mike Gretz, Motezumea, Iowa. APM Board President, Design Engineer, Sig Manufacturing Company
  • Mark Robotti, Lindstrom, Minnesota. Owner/Operator Osceola Aviation, Osceola, Wisconsin, A&P, pilot
  • Steve Butler, Sioux City, Iowa. Director of Maintenance, Joe Morton and Sons Aviation, A&P, IA, pilot
  • Steve Adkisson, Atwood, Illinois
  • Charlie Russell, Oksaloosa, Iowa. Retired, past President of Professional Insurance Counselors, former owner of Johnson Abstract Company, pilot
  • Scott Fisher