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Revitalization Campaign for the Airpower Museum

March 8, 2008
50th Annual Cactus Fly-In, Casa Grande, Arizona

A new campaign is kicking off to revitalize the Air Power Museum in Blakesburg, Iowa. Plans for the Museum include both a program for renovation and updating the infrastructure, as well as the creation of an endowment to sustain the Museum into the future.

Brent Taylor, Executive Director of the Antique Airplane Association and treasurer of the Airpower Museum, made the initial announcement at the Cactus Fly-In:

"The Board of Trustees for the Museum and the Board of Directors of the AAA have been working for nearly a year on this project. There was no element or attribute of the APM that was not evaluated. Every building, every aircraft in the collection, the marketing and communications, even the website, was reviewed. This has been the most in-depth look at our Museum and organization since the move to Antique Airfield in 1970."
The APM Board created a standard which guided it throughout the extensive evaluation. It was clear early in discussions about the APM's future that the APM has two missions that must be protected and nurtured:
The Museum exists to preserve and educate.
The APM, and Antique Airfield, is the site for a fly-in that means so much to antique airplane owners because it is a place where the "grass roots" of antique flying can still be experienced.

In the APM board's discussions about the future, anything that compromised these missions was rejected. The APM Board, while discovering ways to renew and enhance the APM, is focused on preserving the APM and what it represents, to present and future generations.

The APM Board has also asked five prominent business people within the antique airplane community to act as a Steering Committee that will guide the Board as plans and priorities unfold. This Steering Committee will provide an even larger vision as well as help raise the level of awareness of the revitalization plans.

The Steering Committee is composed of:

  • Michael Pangia, a prominent attorney from Washington, D.C.
  • Eric Thompson, an engine and avionics program manager with Honeywell, living in Arizona
  • Greg Herrick, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, publisher of several aviation publications, President of the Aviation Foundation of America and well known collector of rare aircraft
  • Russell Williams, of Seattle, Washington, a Chief Technology Officer, formally with Microsoft, also known for his collection of antique aircraft
  • Robert Mikesh from Washington, D.C. author and the retired Senior Curator of the National Air and Space Museum.

"We are honored that these men have agreed to serve on the Steering Committee," said Taylor. "They have the experience and wisdom that will provide the guidance the APM Board needs going forward. Every great museum or organization has a core group of people that creates the vision and then has the determination to bring that vision to life. The APM Board and the APM Steering Committee, together, is just that core group that will take the APM into the future. These two groups of leaders share the same mission and vision. I'm quite enthused about the future of the APM."

Please consider a donation to support the APM's revitalization and its two key missions of preserving aviation heritage and nuturing grassroots antique aviation. Thank you!