EAA Chapter 211, in Michigan, is taking on the restoration of the APM's American Eaglet. The APM board is very enthusiastic about this restoration, which will be to flying condition.

Gary van Farowe, Ben Taylor, Mike Gretz, Dave Falkenhagen and Brent Taylor removed the aircraft from storage. The pictures show the Eaglet once it was unearthed outside in the sunlight at last and on the trailer. It was no easy feat getting the Eaglet out as the winds that day were gusting better than 40 mph, negating the possibility of opening the hangar doors. That necessitated removing the Eaglet via a small shop door adjacent to the hangar. The landing gear was removed to get the airframe out the door, then reinstalled for trailering.

There will be updates posted here as Chapter 211 makes progress on the restoration. Thanks to all the chapter members who'll be restoring the Eaglet!