After a delay of a couple of months we are once again moving forward with this all important project. We have just completed pouring the floor for the hangar portion of the APM Restoration Center. We also have another major donation to the project from Dr. Brent Blue in Jackson, WY. Brent has donated a HydroTherm boiler and pump that will be utilized in the in-floor heating system.

Where it all started in May of 2009, the removal of the old "Motor Pool" shed to allow for construction of the Restoration Center in the same location

Nov. 2011: Foundation complete, vapor barrier and insulation down, laying out the water lines for the in-floor heat then re-bar and concrete.

Nov 23, 2011: Pump truck in place we begin to pour the hangar floor portion of the facility.

The Restoration Center "Buy-a-Foot" campaign continues to bring in the funds ($58,725.00 at present) needed to build this facility. Currently some 2349 sq ft (82.7%) has been purchased leaving under 500 sq ft available. There's still time to join with notable individuals, corporate sponsors, AAA and EAA Chapters to procure your square foot (or feet) and help us complete this project. Cost is $25 per square foot and comes with a "Deed of Trust," registration in the APM Restoration & Maintenance Center Plot Listing, is tax deductible and would make a great Christmas present for that Antique Airfield fan!

Contractor Chad Howard is "stoked" with the way the pour is going.

With the floor poured and beginning to set it's time to fire up the power trowels and put a smooth, level finish on the floor.

Dr. Brent Blue has donated a HydroTherm pump and boiler with which to heat and circulate the water for the in-floor heat.