While the staff directors and volunteers here at Antique Airfield are busy with preparations for the upcoming AAA/APM Invitational fly-in there is some news to report concerning a couple of aircraft in the collection of the APM.

First thanks to the efforts of Ron Hodges, Cambridge, IA one of the APM's more unusual aircraft has been restored and is ready to be put back on display. That would be the VanDellen LH-2 circular wing aircraft. The aircraft was designed and constructed by Lubert VanDellen of Pella, Iowa in 1959. It was taxi tested by RLT but never successfully flown. The VanDellen has been stored for several years awaiting cleanup and the wing needing a recover all of which has now been accomplished by Ron and some friends. The wing was once again returned to the APM and will be mated onto the fuselage fro display during the AAA/APM Fly-in.

The other aircraft news to report is that due to the efforts of Ben Taylor, the APM's Ryan STA is once again licensed and flyable after ten plus years of inactivity. While a couple of gremlins showed up on the initial flights these have been pretty much been taken care of and APM Treasurer Brent Taylor flew the STA to the annual fly-in at Applegate Airport in Queen City, MO on Aug 10th. This air to air photo and video were taken by Teri Lancaster, out of the Lancaster Fairchild 24, on the flight home from the fly-in.

Click for video of the STA in flight.