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Fabrication on the landing gear continues at a rapid pace. The day of the bulldog sitting on its own landing gear is fast approaching and will be the first time a Bulldog has been on its landing gear in 80 years.

After measuring and marking and triangulating the fuselage is ready for test fit

After Fabrication, cutting and welding the left hand gear is finished and ready for mating to fuselage.

Right hand gear installed in proper place ready for left hand gear to be mated to fuselage

Left hand gear mated to the fueslage and welded in place.

Welding of the left hand drag strut. The drag strut keeps the gear from walking fore and aft.

Forming the steel wrap plate on the left hand drag stut.

The wheel and brake assembly is a four puck from a Cessna 421 which should give the Bulldog the proper braking power and ground handling. The torque plate gets welded to the axel stub for the brake attachment.

Finished torque plates.