We have news of a major donation to the APM. Thanks to the efforts of AAA Lifetime member Ty Sundstrom, AAA Lifetime member Richard Nelson of Exeter, CA has donated his Cessna C-165 “Airmaster”, NC32454, and his Cherokee II sailplane, N1728 to the APM.

We currently are working out arrangements to transport the “Airmaster” and the Cherokee II to Antique Airfield and the APM.

We have some exciting plans for the Cherokee II - stay tuned for updates on that project!

Our sincerest “Thanks” to Richard Nelson for his most generous donations to the APM.

From Ty about the Airmaster and Cherokee II;

Brent, Mike

We had the chance to get a few photos of the Airmaster in-between thunder showers today. We have so much stuff stuck in every corner around here, it’s really hard to get great photos. I think these are a good start but still should see what we can do about getting the wing available for photos. The miscellaneous bits and pieces are stored in boxes. I will see if I can get photos of all the control surfaces, seats, firewall etc. if desired. I am including a few cleaned up Cherokee photos as well.

Cherokee Pilot Dick Nelson

On 01/25/2012

Dick is quite excited about helping the AAA and finding a home for his Cherokee. I may have mentioned the Airmaster was a gift to him by his long time friend, the late Bob Kirk. Bob was an AAA member many years ago. Bob was famous for having two Airmasters hanging from the top of his hangar at San Luis Obispo airport for years. At my gentle urging, Dick thought the AAA would be just the place for both his Cherokee and the Airmaster. I’m asking around to see if we can come up with a historical photo of the lofty Airmasters.