Paul Berge, lifetime AAA member and host of Iowa Public Television's Side Roads, has put together Iowa From the Air as a video presentation. Click for the video.

Paul Berge lives in central Iowa. He was an FAA air traffic controller for many years, is a CFII and utilizes his own Aeronca Champ for instruction. He also owns a Marquart Charger. Paul was the editor of IFR magazine for 5 years as well, as well as a freelance producer. Among his TV features was a story about the WWII Glider Pilots and one on the APM.

Paul is a professional writer with a regular column called "Flights of Fancy" in The Pacific Flyer magazine. His books include Bootleg Skies, Ailerona and the Logbook plus the short story, Zen and the Art of Pumpkin Bombing for AVWeb's online magazine. He currently hosts the Hangar Flying Theater aviation blog. Paul has been the MC of the annual "Gone Home" awards ceremony at the AAA/APM Fly-In and was elected to the AAA Board of Directors at the 2007 AAA/APM Fly-In. He claims he once shook hands with Richard Nixon at Teterboro Airport, NJ, where he grew up.