Marty Hall is the company DER for Everts Air Cargo in Fairbanks, AK. They're currently rebuilding the Travel Air SA-6000-A (N9966 SN 1099) owned by Rob Everts, the owner of Everts Air Cargo. Here's a quick history and a few photos. By the way, Marty is looking for drawings for the Travel Air A-6000-A fuel tanks and seats if you have a lead on them.

N9966 Sitting on a lake on Minto Flats, Alaska Sept 1991. Behind us is the duck shack which explains the reason for the trip. She wore ‘tin skin’ at this time.

What started out fresh fabric and some wing repairs became a full blown rebuild. Here she is waiting for her wings. The name “TIME MACHINE’ won’t escape you—. She won’t go back on floats this year. They need attention also. She went on them in 1940 or so and they’ve only had various repairs over the years.

The cockpit didn’t get neglected, but we’ll forgo a glass cockpit for now.

Mike installing the prop. Note the sign over his shoulder.

Tail up for wing installation.

There’s a lot of acreage in those wings. More picture will follow at some time. Most of the work was done by, or supervised by, Ron Klemm who is retired from being one of our DC-6 and C-46 drivers. He said “No more planes! None!..... But— I noticed the Travel Air needs a little attention, so—.. maybe—..”