APM Director Steve Adkisson has being performing a firewall forward restoration and engine change on AAA member Rudy Frasca's P-40E. Here's what Steve had to say about the project:

Engine removed, firewall stripped, polished and repainted as per original.

All parts stripped & repainted. New wiring harness. Engine was NOS in original crate, had five hours test stand time. Had it overhauled at Cascade Engine Service in Washington. Now has nine hours time since new and is at last mounted in an aircraft for the first time.

Rudy's P-40 was purchased new by the Canadian Government. Rebuilt in 1975 for Max Hoffman and purchased by Rudy in 1977. Was used in the movie "1941" starring John Belushi as "Wild Bill" Kelso! We will send some more pictures as we get closer to getting the P-40 back in the air.

Ready for engine installation with rebuilt, overhauled or new components & accessories