Steve Marini, based at Livermore, CA has shared some photos of his Spartan 7W Executive and Cessna 140. Steve's planning to fly out to the 2012 AAA/APM Fly-In, Cow Pastures to Commercial Airways. You can see a full set of restoration photos on Steve's website. Steve says:

I purchased "Sparty" back in 1999, and it took four years to restore. When I purchased the Spartan I had never flown an airplane nor had any training in an airplane. I just liked "old things". Having collected cars and boats for many years, planes seemed the next step....I soon realized, I was way, way over my head and with the help of several friends, I purchased a Cessna 140 and learned to fly (while the Spartan was being restored). Then progressed on to the Spartan a few years later. I have owned other aircraft but my love is the Spartan then back to the 140.

I purchased my second 140 (pictured below) a few years back. It was owned by the previous owner for 42 years and is one of the nicest original ones I have ever seen. I am looking forward to coming to Blakesburg this year and if Jim Savage brings his Spartan we could have two there!