Things are busy here at Antique Airfield so before you head out to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends let us update you on what’s been happening.

The APM Restoration Center: We currently await bids/prices on the steel & insulation for finishing the inside of the Restoration Center. At present there are only 62 sq ft left in the Buy-a-Foot campaign that has funded the construction of the Restoration Center. With Christmas coming, a square foot or two would make a great Christmas present.

Donations: The APM has also received, from Rudy & Tom Frasca, an Ercoupe project that will be used to raise funds for the APM in the near future. We also received a donation of a Monoprep wing from Don Maxfield and the crew at Lil' Red Aero in Kearney NE. Ben Taylor & Ron Vanderweerdt recently traveled to Kearney and transported the wing back to Antique Airfield. Other interesting donations to both the APM and the "Library of Flight" are pending and we will inform all about them as soon as possible, so keep watching the website.

Monoprep wing donated by Don Maxfield and Lil' Red Aero

2013 AAA/APM Fly-in: Planning is well under way for what will be the 60th Annual Fly-in, the 60th Anniversary of the AAA and will feature Luscombe aircraft. We have been in contact with the Continental Luscombe Association (CLA) and they will be helping to promote Luscombe participation. We are also researching those antiques/classics that attended the very first AAA Fly-ins (1954-1957 or so) and hope to have several of those aircraft featured at the 2013 Fly-in. Also in the works, a group lead by APM President Mike Gretz plan to recreate a Jimmie Allen Flying Club free flight model mass launch one evening. We hope that Sarah Wilson will be able to attend the Fly-in with her recently restored Stearman 4E that was the official Jimmie Allen Flying Club airplane in the 1930's, and sign up some new members for the Jimmie Allen Flying Club. If you would like to join in this event you can find plans for the Jimmie Allen plans at Easy Built Models.

We are also at work on the latest issue of the Antique Airfield Runway that will feature coverage, a lot of it in color, of the 2012 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in and other features. Look for it in your mailbox before Christmas.

Finally the directors of the AAA, the APM and the staff here at Antique AIrfield wish all of you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!