Yesterday a team of volunteers lead by APM Director Steve Adkisson tackled the task of framing the interior partition wall in the APM Restoration Center. Besides Steve, that team included APM Director Mark Lancaster, Luke Pieper, Ken Marth and Ben Taylor. The wall was completely framed and is ready for insulation and siding. The 16 ft. sliding door that will allow large aircraft parts to be moved in and out of the machine shop portion was also started with the track, header and rollers installed and functioning. However due to a shortage of three boards and waning daylight that part of the framing project was not finished. The attached photos should give all a better idea of the progress that was made yesterday. “Thanks” go out to Steve, Mark, Ken, Luke and Ben for their hard work.

With supplies and materials on hand, tools and equipment set up, it’s time to start building.

Also we’ve received bids for the steel siding to finish the interior of the Restoration Center and those materials will be ordered and delivered in the next few weeks to allow progress on the interior to proceed.

“Thanks” to Steve’s plan and the speed of the construction crew (note “Flash” Pieper flying up the ladder on left), progress was steady and fast.

There is still time to secure your sq ft (or more) as an “Antique Airfield Ambassador” by taking part in our Buy-a-Foot campaign to help finance the construction of the APM Restoration Center. However, with 98.5% of the available space having been sold only 42 sq ft remain available!

At lunch (prepared by Marcy Taylor) and joined by RLT and APM President Mike Gretz, the crew goes over the morning's progress.

Progress continues after lunch.

Almost done for the day.

Framing done, the interior wall awaits insulation and siding to be complete. Note the 16 ft opening for a sliding door that will allow big projects to be moved in and out of the machine shop portion of the Restoration Center.