The death of an airfield is never a pleasant event. Memories of bounced landings, first flights and sunset formation flybys in Pietenpols, Chiefs and Cubs drift away as the runway is plowed under and hangars molder in dust away. Such was the fate of the grass strip in Atwood, Illinois where long-time APM Board member, the late Earl "Skeezix" Adkisson, kept his collection of antiques and homebuilts. The airport is gone, but Earl's 45'x48' hangar is not. In fact, it's found a new home. Almost.

APM thrives on volunteers. We couldn't keep the antiques flying without the generous support from AAA/APM members, which brings us back to Earl's hangar. Earl's son, Steve (a current APM Board member) and Earl's widow, Wanda "Blondie" Adkisson, are donating the hangar to APM. This generous and much needed donation is greatly appreciated but comes with one hitch. We need to hitch the hangar to a couple of semis and haul it the 300 miles or so to Antique Airfield. And we need to do it before March 31, or the hangar becomes just another memory.

The hangar is a Butler Building, which should make disassembly and reassembly relatively easy since it bolts together, and as Foghorn Leghorn once noted, "all the parts are numbered for just such an emergency." The Earl-built hangar door is a bit more challenging and may require transport via an oversize permit. Details to be worked out later but all doable - with your help.

We need a volunteer crew to disassemble the hangar in Atwood, load it onto the trucks and reassemble the pile into something resembling a hangar at its new location. We also need to remove the concrete foundation and have it hauled away. A local contractor can remove and dispose of the concrete for about $3000. If anyone has suggestions to mitigate those costs, please advise. The entire operation should be completed over two weekends.

Once erected at Antique Airfield, Earl's legacy hangar will be used to store the APM's growing collection homebuilt aircraft, an assortment that now includes: a Model A-powered Pietenpol Air Scout, Pietenpol Aircamper, Smith Miniplane, Piel "Super Diamont", BD-5 and others.

As you can see this hangar would be an invaluable addition to the Air Power Museum. Removing, transporting and reassembling require some funding and much volunteer input. Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions and offers of support. Let's keep Earl Adkisson's memory alive and flying here at Antique Airfield.

Thank you. Please emailBrent Taylor or call if you can help.