Fred Austin sent us this story of an unexpected Lockheed 10 arrival at Reno-Stead.

Stand by the fence out at Stead Airport in Reno, NV and you never know what you’re going to see. A couple of days ago I was sitting in the pickup with my dog Thunder and my old pal Tom Cathcart when we heard nearly forgotten sound. More like music to the two of us it was a pair of P&W 1340 swing a pair of Hamilton Standard Hydromatic full feathering propellers, the long ones! It was a beautiful clear day in the high desert, CAVU. Tom’s handheld crackled and a vaguely familiar voice reported, “Lockheed N16020 8 miles southwest landing Rwy 26 at Stead”. A shiny speck in the sky grew bigger, the music turned into a deep throated roar and the photos tell the rest of the story. It was the flight in a Lockheed 10 for both of them. Taigh won the toss and make the textbook-smooth landing!

Tom and I went over and threw some chocks under the tires and who climbs out of the hatch but our old pals Taigh Ramey of Vintage Aircraft, and Alby Redick of Aviation Classics. We took a few photos; one of the four of us left to right Alby Redick, Fred Austin, Tom Cathcart, and Taigh Ramey. Then we headed for the local coffee shop and started catching up on the last couple of decades.