We await bids on spray foam insulation for the interior walls of the APM Restoration Center, and in the mean time we have ordered the pre-cut steel siding for the interior of the structure. That material should be delivered and on hand by the end of the month. Another volunteer work day is planned for March 23rd (weather permitting) and we hope at that time to finish the interior framing and begin hanging the interior steel.

Currently 2806 square feet (98.8%) of the available 2840 square feet has been sold in the "Buy-a-Foot" campaign to finance construction of the Restoration Center. That leaves a scant 34 square feet available. If you haven't purchased your "plot", consider buying a square foot (or more) and help us reach our goal with this most important fundraiser.

To all those AAA members, APM Donors, AAA chapters, EAA Chapters, families, corporations, foundations and trusts that have participated in the "Buy-a-Foot" Campaign, the Officers and Directors of the APM offer our sincere "Thanks."

Our latest donors are listed below.

Brent Taylor

  • Lamar Bevil
  • Clifford A. Ives
  • Len J. Buckel
  • Ted Camp
  • Robert E. Martin
  • Michigan Antique Airplane Association
  • Frank R. Schelling Trust
  • Lynn & Sandy Jorgensen