During my trip to AZ to attend the AZ AAA 55th annual Cactus Fly-in at Casa Grande, AZ, Fred Borns, my cousin Eric Thompson and I spent Fri. morning visiting with Rick Barter at Skywords Aviation LLC, Avra Valley Airport, Marana, AZ and looking over the progress to John Magoffin's Lockheed DL-1B Special (DL stands for Detroit-Lockheed) "Vega", NC12288.

The new boot cowl and restored dishpan.

This particular Vega, sn#161, one of nine metal fuselage Vega's constructed, was originally licensed under a group 2 approval (2-448) on 05/29/33. Lockheed Aircraft Corp was in receivership at that time and this aircraft was assembled from parts by the laid off chief engineer Richard Van Hake. Original owner of NC12288 was John Morrell Meat Packing Co. here in Ottumwa, Iowa. Some of the later owners included Braniff, Green Construction Co., Northern Consolidated Airlines and APM founder Jack Lowe.

Freshly overhauled P&W R-985 in original gray & black as per original.

AAA/APM Founder Robert Taylor along with Lyle & Tom Hoselton (both deceased) restored the aircraft during 1964-1968 for Jack Lowe. Upon Jack's death Robert Taylor became the owner until 1983 when the aircraft was sold to Tom Thomas in Oklahoma. The aircraft was subsequently damaged/wrecked on three separate occasions and was eventually sold to current owner John Magoffin. An extensive restoration was undertaken by Rick starting a few years ago and Rick & John are doing a magnificent job. The Vega should fly this spring.

The Vega is all assembled and all flight controls are are hooked up and rigged.

As for the military paint scheme, while this particular Vega was never a military airplane John has chosen the use the paint scheme of the Lockheed YIC-12 (also a metal fuselage DL-1 Vega) sn #158 on the Vega.

This view shows the markings the Vega will carry, that of the Lockheed YIC-12

Here's a previous report on the Vega.

My "Thanks" to owner John Magoffin for inviting us down to check on progress, to Rick Barter for taking time out from his busy day to show us the Vega and answer all our questions and especially to Fred Borns for flying Eric & me down to Avra Valley airport in his 1954 Cessna 180.

Brent Taylor

Panel & instruments installed. On left the throttle quadrant, elevator trim, fuel selectors & wobble pump.

Almost ready to hang the engine