Our regular viewers no doubt remember the exciting news we posted a few weeks ago about the donation of longtime APM Director and well known pilot/mechanic Earl Adkisson’s shop hangar at Atwood, IL.

Shortly after that announcement we were contacted by US Army specialist Jonathan Klein, from the 11th Engineer Battalion at Ft. Benning, GA, about the possibility of the Army disassembling and transporting the hangar to Antique Airfield. With help from APM Director Steve Adkisson and APM Treasurer Brent Taylor, a plan was put together to hopefully gain approval for this project. Unfortunately those efforts have failed and the Army will not be able to help us with this project/move. We would however like to offer our "Thanks" to specialist Johnathan Klein for all his efforts to help us with this project. We surmise that with the recent budget constraints, plus the timing and deadlines we have for this project, that it was just to much to hope for.

So "Plan B" has been activated. That involves volunteers to help with the disassembly, removal and transport of the building. Ben Taylor, Aaron Klugherz and couple of other volunteers will head to Atwood on Friday, March 8th to begin the task of disassembly.

If you can spare a day or two or even a few hours to help with this project over the weekend of March 8-10 please contact Steve Adkisson at 217-840-3225 and let him know you can help.

Time is of the essence as we need to have the hangar disassembled and moved by March 31st!

Brent Taylor
Treasurer APM