Smiles all around at another Marginal Meeting and Work night in the Marginal Restoration Center. Members take a break from the THP or the "Toby Hanson Project" and enjoy Northfield's finest take and bake pizza as some continue to work but most enjoy the friendly setting.

President Toby Hanson and members Tim Verhouven, Ben Redman and Jeremy Redman inspect the overall good condition of this very low time 1946 Luscoumbe 8A project.

Third generation member Liam Redman is always ready to roll up his sleeves' and dig into the project and the pizza too!!! Liam really looks forward to the meeting and work nights.

The engine mount backing plates where all taken off then inspected for corrosion, bead blasted and than epoxy painted before being reinstalled onto the firewall. The condition was found to be excellent.

This whole project has just turned into a wonderful experience. Just seeing the second generation and the third generation Marginal members not only working together but teaching each other new skills is what Marginal represents. Of course this is all done under the supervision of Marginal's original members who might not ever admit learning anything from the second generation, or the third?! We are all looking forward to the 2013 AAA/APM fly-in and we'll see you there! Enjoy and fly safe.