Don Hedeman in Dubuque, IA wrote in about his second generation antique:

Hello AAA,

Can you find any room in your heart for a fake antique? This is the latest shot of my 1935 (1969) Curtiss Trainer (really a modified Bakeng Deuce) that has been flying for a year now since its restoration. This plane sat for many years interspersed with short flights which always seemed to end in ground loops and damage. A tailwheel fairing is next on the agenda along with a mascot decal for the cowling — a galloping vicious mongrel and the words "Junkyard Dog". The 135 Lyc drives a new Culver prop and I'm doing 110mph at 2400rpm at 2000' msl. I hope to have it at AAA convention later this summer. Love that parasol wing.

Don Hedeman Dubuque