The 2013 AAA-APM Fly-In will celebrate several historic anniversaries:

  • 60th Anniversary of the Antique Airplane Association
  • 60th AAA-APM Fly-in
  • 75th Anniversary of the Luscombe 8

AND... the 80th Anniversary of the Jimmie Allen Radio Show

When you are at the Fly-In be sure to check out the new Jimmie Allen display in the Airpower Museum. We have been collecting artifacts and memorabilia to document not only the Jimmie Allen radio show, but all of the aviation radio programs of the 1930s and 1940s. Programs like Tailspin Tommy, Hop Harrigan, Smilin Jack, Frank Hawks' Sky Patrol, Roscoe Turner's Sky Blazer, Speed Gibson, Anne of the Airlines, Captain Midnight, Sky King, and all the others. Several AAA members have stepped forward to donate artifacts.

Lifetime member Forrest Lovely recently donated a beautiful 1927 Atwater-Kent Model 38 Radio, which will become part of the APM's new GOLDEN AGE OF AVIATION RADIO display. Historically the Atwater-Kent Model 38 radio was an important milestone in radio development. Earlier radios were powered by batteries, which had to be constantly recharged and replaced. That changed with the development of 110v AC tubes in the late 1920s and the introduction of the RCA Radiola 17 and the Atwater-Kent Model 38 radios. The Model 38 sold for $125.00 - without the tubes. They cost extra!

Forrest also donated a 1924 Crosley Model 51 radio receiver, one of the more popular battery powered radios that preceeded the AC powered Atwater-Kent. Only a few of the first run Crosley 51s had a wood front like this one. The majority had a bakelite front panel. The Crosley 51 sold for $18.50 when it was introduced - or $38.25 with the tubes and headphones!

Atwater-Kent advertisement in the Saturday Evening Post, May 26, 1928 - advertising "AC! Electric! Modern!"

Spend some time in the Airpower Museum and listen to Jimmie Allen and the other aviation radio programs that inspired an entire generation of young aviators and astronauts.