In a move certain to demoralize the members of O.P.L.A.F. while bolstering our enemy's resolve, the heavy hand of the government, under the guise of sequester, has pulled funding for our much needed counter-insurgency aircraft, the "Air Squash", thereby greatly restricting our efforts to gain the offensive in the ongoing "Boar War".

Disappointment shows in the above photo as our leader, Col. Les "Sparky" Gaskill, receives the ill timed news at the conclusion of a successful acceptance flight in the prototype aircraft.

Not one to take things laying down though, Col. "Sparky" bucked the chain of command taking his displeasure all the way to the Orange House. Alas, for his efforts the good Col. was told to stand down and was then heard to mutter that now famous movie line: "I'd like a beer please" (really, look it up) as he contemplates his next move.

But never fear, he has assured his senior staff, restricted or not, he will lead our annual training exercise and qualifying mission... code named:

A Few Good Pumpkins, AKA The Pumpkin Drop

Where: Antique Airfield (IA27)
When: November 2, 2013

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Sponsored by: O.P.L.A.F. (Orange Peace Liberation Air Force) &