If you've spent any time around Antique Airfield you’ve either seen or more likely met Les “Sparky” Gaskill. Les, one of our stalwart volunteers, is well known for his love of Piper Cubs, owning both a J-2 and a J-3. He also enjoys sharing his airplanes, having taken multitudes of young and old alike for rides, and Les is also quite generous in letting other qualified pilots fly his beloved Cubs.

The J-2 on skis upon arrival at Antique Airfield

So it was no surprise when his forty horse J-2 came puttering over the horizon today. What was surprising was that it was on skis! Upon alighting at IA27 Les can now say that he is the first to do so in a ski equipped Piper J-2. After shutdown he announced that the engine should be kept warm and instructed me to take it around the patch, thereby allowing me another entry in my logbook that otherwise I would not have been able to make.

Les "Sparky" Gaskill

It was very enjoyable flying the ski equipped J-2 and as seems to be the usual case here at Antique Airfield, my landing will likely mark the final arrival at Antique Airfield for 2013 while Les’s takeoff for OTM will mark the final departure for 2013.

Brent Taylor

The view from the J-2 cruising around the countryside near Antique Airfield