Klaus Plasa lives in Germany and has acquired an Airmaster project for restoration. Klaus' story is below, and he's also looking for support and parts. If you have any leads please get in touch with us and we'll pass on the info to Klaus.

I am a AAA life time member and the lucky guy who bought a Cessna 165 project from Jimmy Rollison last year (NC20765, s/n 479). Even though I work quite busily in remote corners of the planet I spend and enjoy every minute with the restoration of my Airmaster when at home.

The attached pictures show various stages of the 'process', and, as you can see, there are numerous night shifts still ahead before she'll take to the skies again.

I wonder if I may send you a wish-list of things I need (or I'd like to have) hoping that you might be able to spread it somehow between members. May be one or another item be found in the loft of a garage or so. Or may be someone knows who may have this or that? Any blue print would also be extremely helpful, especially from the firewall, since I need to reproduce it.

Oh, did I mention that I live in Europe (Germany), and there are only two known Airmasters around on this side of the Atlantic at all, making any expertise of the type practically non existent.

Here is the Wish list: 1. Original "CESSNA" rudder pedals plus break actuator linkage 2. Parking break Jonson bar assembly or blue print. 3. Elevator trim coffee grinder assembly or any part of it, or blue print. 4. The original oval shaped instrument panel center insert, or a blue print of it. (Original instruments will also be needed, but at a much later stage though.) 5. Oil reservoir or blue print (1940 design with the cap at the rear end to enable a skin cover over it) 6. Shock mounts for the Warner 165 engine (4ea.) 7. Upper and lower gear leg fairings, possibly a pair of wheel pants (aluminum, no plastic)

During inspection at Jimmy Rollison's hangar

After shipment of the disassembled aircraft and before I got started, I had to store it for 2 months in a barn while being deployed to Afghanistan. Who says there are no 'barn finds' any longer?!

Let's get started...

Non-original rudder pedals and firewall

After pellet blasting and dye checking, the primed and epoxy painted frame

First parts to go back again. What a joy to swing wrenches clockwise!!