"Thanks" to AAA National Director Gary Van Farowe and the Michigan AAA chapter, a project was put in motion last winter to re-roof the APM buildings. First in line and most in need was the APM Fly-Market. The chapter used the profits from the Dave Warren Coffee House they operate during the AAA/APM Fly-in, as well as donations from the chapter and others, to buy the materials. Yesterday Gary, his wife Carol, Rosie Duckworth and Jerry Lugten arrived and began in earnest to dig into the project, in hopes of having it done by the weekend. We're happy to say that as of today (06-25-14) almost half the new roof is installed. Once the junction is completed between the Fly-Market and APM Restoration Center the last half of the roofing project should go quickly & smoothly.

The new steel for the Fly-market roof arrives.

The project, dubbed very much tongue in cheek "Habitat for Harman", is but a first step in re-roofing all the APM Buildings. Donations to this ongoing project would be greatly appreciated and welcome. For more information contact us here at Antique Airfield.

Eventually all the APM’s building will be re-roofed with matching red roofs.

In other APM News, more work is ongoing in the APM Restoration Center as well. At the conclusion of our successful "Buy-a-Foot" campaign, work on the uncompleted project did not stop. Gears shifted in that it was decided to do as much of the remaining work as possible with our talented volunteers. This of course means progress sometime comes in fits and starts but progress is being made.

Case in point. APM Director Steve Adkisson and APM Treasurer Brent Taylor were seen today arriving back from a trip to the local lumber yard with a trailer full of lumber. That lumber is being used as support for a storage loft that will be built above the Restoration Center, and Steve and Brent spent the day working on that project. We hope by the weekend to have that loft decked and some of the interior roof steel in place in preparation for insulating the building.

For those attending this coming weekend' celebration of AAA President & APM Founder Robert Taylor’s 90th Birthday Party, make sure to stop in an check the progress on both the Restoration Center & The Fly-Market.

Gary Van Farowe set right to work on his arrival from MI.

Stripping a few sheets of steel at a time allows for quick replacement without exposing the contents of the Fly-Market to the elements.

The first sheet of new roofing being installed.

Gary & Jerry Lugten making progress on the roof on 06-24-14

By the middle of the day on 06-25-14 almost half the roof has been replaced on the Fly-Market

Jerry & Gary install the last full sheet before beginning the complicated task of mating the Fly-Market to the APM Restoration Center.

Meanwhile APM Director Steve Adkisson has the scaffolding assembled and a trailer load of lumber on hand, to begin a project in the APM Restoration Center.

Steve working on what eventually become a storage loft above the APM Restoration Center.