Greetings from Antique Airfield!

Spring is here and along with it the planning, preparation & work to have Antique Airfield in shape for the upcoming 2015 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in (Sept 2nd -7th, 2015).

But let’s look back on last year’s event for a moment. What has come to be known as “Lakesburg” was perhaps the most challenging event the staff, directors and volunteers have ever had to deal with due to rain, rain, rain & then more rain !!

While everyone eventually and safely departed (via plane, car, RV or even tractor), Antique Airfield did not fare well. Remember images like these?

Well, when the mud dried, we were faced with a lot of damage to the airport and its facilities. Damage that has taken a lot of time and money to begin to repair & restore. Damage that was out of sight and mind for most fly-in attendees once the fly-in ended. But if Antique Airfield is to be ready to host the AAA/APM Fly-in just 120+ days from now, there is still much work to be done.

That’s why a portion of the funds raised, via our APM Capital Improvement Campaign for 2015, are earmarked for things like grass seed & gravel to help with the repair & restoration of Antique Airfield.

But just what is the APM Capital Improvement Campaign for 2015 you may be wondering ?

The twofold goal of the campaign will be:

  1. Ensure the future and permanence of the APM.
  2. Rebuild and maintain the infrastructure of the APM

The major infrastructure projects in the works for 2015, include continued replacement of the roofs on the APM hangars. Spearheaded by AAA National Director Gary Van Farowe and the Michigan AAA chapter, last year saw a much needed new roof installed on the APM Fly-Market building. This year the plan is to replace the roof on the N side of the APM display annex. That project is slated to happen in June and will tie in with the ongoing moving of the N wall in the Powell Hall display area.

But that’s not all. Another much needed project to be accomplished before the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in in September, is the replacement of the APM main hangar door (s). Per the suggestion of APM President Mike Gretz, in order to retain the period look and keep the costs down we will once again install sliding/track doors. Our research indicates a lot of advances in construction, serviceability and ease of operation of these type doors in the 40+ years since the APM main hangar was originally built and the doors installed.

Then there is the aforementioned need for re-seeding portions of the campgrounds, parking areas, ramps and areas around the buildings, as well as re-rocking all the access roads on Antique Airfield.

Finally for 2015, with the recent completion of the construction phase of the “APM Restoration Center”, the next steps towards making this facility operational are cleaning, sealing & painting the floor, installing new door seals and insulation on the Schweiss bi-fold hangar door, then installing/finishing the electrical, plumbing, heating and pneumatic systems.

So please consider joining with us & help us reach our goal and get these important infrastructure projects finished in time for the 2015 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in.

Your donation counts no matter the size, so for more information on how to help with the APM Capital Improvement Campaign of 2015 just click this link.

Thanks for your support,

Brent Taylor
President AAA
Treasurer APM