As you can imagine, internet access at Antique Airfield is a little tough to come by, and is limited both in speed and capacity. To complicate matters further, our internet provider has placed a limit on the amount of data we can consume. This limit is sufficient for the day-to-day operation of Antique Airfield. Unfortunately, we will be charged overage fees when hundreds of our friends connect during the fly-in. So, rather than turn off WiFi entirely, we have elected to offer 2 hours of guest wireless internet access per 24 hours, for free. If you need more, we have 2 packages available for purchase in the office, for a nominal fee:

  • $2.00 One full day of internet access (24 hours from when you first connect)
  • $7.00 Wireless internet access for the duration of the Fly-In

Having to charge for internet access isn’t any fun. But there’s good news! In addition to the many other projects completed this year, we have also installed new wireless equipment! We have expanded coverage and added 5Ghz support. We've done a lot of work to make WiFi at Antique Airfield work well, but WiFi performance will vary depending on how many people connect, so please be patient if you encounter a momentary overload.

Coverage now extends around the Ground Loop Inn, the office, in and around the Mike Gretz Library of Flight, and to the North and to the East of Hangar 1. Some may even find it works over quite a bit of the field, too!