The Adkisson Hangar "Buy-a-Foot" campaign, to finance the rebuilding and reassembly of the late Earl "Skeezix" Adkisson’s 45’ x 48’ hangar has reached a major milestone!

But to review a bit before we get to that news, the hangar is a Butler Building, which should make reassembly relatively easy since it bolts together. However, a new foundation, new steel siding and roofing will be needed to allow for and complete the re-assembly.

Starting with "seed money" in the amount of $6080.00 from several AAA members, two AAA Chapters, Tom Frasca and the Pella Rollscreen Foundation, donations have been steady, with each square foot of the 2,160 square foot facility sold at a tax deductible donation of $30 per.

We are most pleased to announce, we have topped $25K with 38+% of the available space bought and paid for.

That amount will allow us to move ahead and construct the foundation for the hangar. That work will begin asap after the conclusion of the 2018 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in!

Of note, as with all APM projects, the Board of Directors policy is to never take on any debt with projects such as the Restoration Center, and the Adkisson Hangar for example. That policy has kept the APM solvent and moving forward since it’s founding in 1964, while many other aviation museums have struggled and failed over the last four plus decades!

While the APM may complete such projects in steps as we have the funding for, projects such as the Adkisson Hangar will continue to be totally paid for upon completion.

That is why I hope you will join with the directors, volunteers and donors to the Adkisson Hangar "Buy-a-Foot" campaign, and help us reach a goal of having this campaign at least 50% funded by the start of the 2018 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in!

That equates to having 1080 sq ft. (of the total available 2160 sq. ft.) bought and paid for, at a total of $32,400.00.

Presently, we have sold 838 sq ft., so another 242 sg ft., or $7260.00, is needed to reach this interim goal.

And whether you buy just one sq. ft. or 100, it all helps! We hope you'll join with us to reach this goal and complete another big step in the Adkisson Hangar Project.

So, if you are ready to help make the APM Adkisson Hangar a reality, click here to buy a foot online or send your check or MO to the APM "Buy a Foot" campaign at 22001 Bluegrass Rd. Ottumwa, IA 52501.

Just think, won’t it be great upon completion to have Harold Krier’s DeHavilland Chipmunk and the Jocelyn/Price/Baron Great Lakes as the center pieces of this new facility?