With just a little over a week to go until the start of the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in (Aug 29th - Sept. 3rd) much has been accomplished in preparation for the event, yet much needs to be done.

Since late July a group of volunteers have been showing up to help prepare the facilities, the grounds and even some of the APM aircraft for the event. We're asking for additional support to help prepare the airfield; please read on!

The volunteers who've been readying the field are:

Steve Adkisson Tim & LuVerne Verhoeven
Aaron & Shannon Klugherz Jessie Fryer
Holly Vanorny Dan Quinn
George Winheim Harve Applegate
Luke Pieper Les Gaskill
Ken Marth Cindy Grimm
Jim Schreier Scott Burbank
Jeff & Kim Claypool Marc Robotti
Mark & Terri Lancaster RLT, Ben, Marcy and Brent Taylor

While there have been no major projects with which to contend this year, there is still the usual cleaning and field prep work to accomplish in the next 9 days.

This weekend will be last minute preparations and the annual mowing party, so that the field is ready by the time the fly-in starts on Wednesday August 29. We hope to see new volunteers to help prepare Antique Airfield for the fly-in that we all love. So with the coming weekend and the annual mowing party, we hope to see a larger cadre of volunteers on hand to help in the final push.

If you can come help, please let us know to help plan for food & refreshments, and we hope to see you this coming weekend.

Mark Lancaster, Ken Marth, Teri Lancaster, Luke Pieper & Ben Taylor working on the back porch addition to the Pilots Pub.

Holly Vanorny, Marcy Taylor & Jessie Fryer working on getting the APM Gift Shop ready.

Steve Adkisson & Marc Robotti confer on the APM Corben Baby Ace.

Jeff Claypool working on the APM Ryan STA.

A combined AAA/APM Board of Directors meeting was held the first Sat in Aug., to finalize plans for the Fly-in.

Ben Taylor, Scott Burbank & Jim Schreier getting the Dave Warren Coffee House put together.

Luke Pieper & Ken Marth at work finishing up the installation of the air compressor & air lines in the APM Restoration Center.

Scott, Jim & Ben working on building some wing stands.

The hay has been cut & bailed, and the field is ready to be mowed and trimmed for the fly-in.