It has been a bit over a month since I last communicated with the viewers to this web page and since that time we have managed to update the site not only with the video/slideshow of the AAA/APM National Fly-in but also a listing of all the award winners.
As well we have updated you on the exciting news about the Alexander "Bullet" being built by Mary Hanson that is now flying.
However I imagine many of you are waiting for word about the redesign of the web site that is being undertaken by Russell Williams. Well the news is we are continuing to move forward with that project and several technical steps have taken place to facilitate that process. So please continue to watch this space.
In the meantime please enjoy the second video/slideshow presentation of the 2007 AAA/APM National Fly-in and keep watching this space.
And as we have stated previously, if the current or past video/slideshow presentation piques your curiosity and you want to find out more about the Antique Airplane Association and the Air Power Museum and you are not currently a member of the AAA nor a donor to the APM, please consider joining with us to help "Keep the Antiques Flying".
Brent Taylor
Executive Director