Welcome to the premiere of yet another video/slideshow presentation here on the AAA/APM web site. This feature, as the title states, is about the annual "Pumpkin Drop" held each year at Antique Airfield on the first Sat. of Nov. It is the last "official" activity held at Antique Airfield during the year but it is arguably the most fun. This year was the 12th annual and while not certain we were the first to come up with such a notable way to dispose of pumpkins we are certain we are the longest continuously running such event.
This year we were blessed with near perfect weather, a good crowd made up of our AAA/APM directors, volunteers, members, neighbors and friends from five states, twenty eight aircraft (with fifteen of those acting as "bombers") and more pumpkins than could be dropped in an afternoon !!
Aircraft included three J-3s, two PA-11s, two Aeronca 7ACs, two Champion 7GCBCs, two Cessna 170s and one each of the following; Aeronca 11AC, Aviat "Husky" (on amphibious floats), Beech Debonair, Cessna 140, Cessna L-19, Cessna 180, Cessna 172, Cessna 182, Fairchild PT-26, Hatz Classic, Luscombe 8E, Melfa "Mouse", Miller C (Piperbipe), Pietenpol, Piper Vagabond, Piper PA-28 & a Socata Rallye.
Throughout the afternoon pumpkins rained from a continuous parade of bombers all attempting to hit the target (an old boat and trailer) much to the amusement of the assembled spectators. While most tries were in vain a few pumpkins did manage to land within inches of the target. Our crack team of ordinance experts determined that the closest "hit" belonged to Bill Weyers and his sons, Sam and Nick. So, for the next year they retain bragging rights as well as the traveling trophy (which for some strange reason never fails to be returned ??)
So sit back, turn up the sound and enjoy the feature!
Brent Taylor
Executive Director