On the way home from Blakesburg, your editor detoured a bit and stopped over in Marshall, Missouri at the Nicholas-Beazley museum at the municipal airport. If you're not familiar with Nicholas-Beazley, they started out in the surplus OX-5 parts business in the 1920s and rapidly became what in today's terms is Aircraft Spruce + Sporty's Pilot Shop combined together, selling through mail order catalogs. NB at its height would sell you anything from OX-5 parts to pilot's googles to dope and fabric to steel tubing, and they also branched out into aircraft construction and a large flight school.

The museum documents the history of NB through stories told by local residents, artifacts, and several aircraft. The facility is only a few years old and run by community volunteers. In addition to NB artifacts they've assembled a collection of aircraft including an NB-3, NB-8, a Taylorcraft WWII glider trainer (restored to glider configuration), and a locally significant Flying Flea.

The museum is working on a website, but they're open weekends and are a few hundred feet from the Marshall airport terminal. Worth the visit if you're in the area.