Jim Booth of Bozeman, Montana flies a unique antique homebuilt, the Faust. The Faust is an amalgamation of a Fairchild 24 and a Piper PA-12, originally built in Alaska. It is Warner 165 powered, and Jim has built a set of Montana floats for it. He recently put a Prince carbon-fiber prop on the engine and got significantly improved performance vs. a Sensenich wooden prop. An advantage of being an experimental!

Jim likes the Faust so much he's building a new version, this time with a 4-place PA-14 fuselage design that retains the Fairchild-style outrigger gear. The BA-14 (Booth Aircraft 14) will be powered by a new Rotec R3600 radial engine, and eventually will be on floats too. Here's Jim's engine mount trial fit on his Piper PA-14.