Just as in the 1920's & 30's it was down to the wire for Ted Davis (Brodhead, WI) and crew to complete the restoration of their New Standard D-25 in time to participate in the American Barnstormers Tour. Here is what Ted had to say about the first flight on June 10th.

Photo by Ted Davis

I flew the D-25 last night about 7:00 P.M. off my strip and landed at Brodhead. What a great airplane and a beautiful night for a test flight. Everything worked fine and the D-25 is rigged perfect. Hands off and very stable. The tailwheel lock was the only thing that we had a problem with after hopping 18 passengers that were watching at the airport. Chris then flew it and was thrilled also with its performance and flight characteristics. Take care and there will be a video on YouTube later of the first takeoff from my strip. Now we have to get things together for the American Barnstormers Tour... Thanks for all of your help and providing me with a few parts at very reasonable costs.

Photo by Gilles Auilard

The New Standard has been reported to be very popular on the ABT with Ted being kept busy hauling up to four passengers at a time. We look forward to the possibility of seeing the New Standard on the grass here at Antique Airfield for the annual AAA/APM Fly-in (Aug 27th - Sep 1st).