Gene Horsman sent us this update on his Mercury BT-120 restoration (yep, I had to look it up in Juptner, it is Volume 8 - Editor).

The Mercury is not ready to fly but is progressing. Thought I would send you a few pictures of the fuselage. These are with the engine in place.

These were taken a year ago at the Erie Town Fair. We hurried and got the engine hung. Of course it is only temporary. Dan Murray is waiting to finish a new exhaust system for it and Bob Leyner is developing a new cowl.

My friend Dave Biesemeier has done all but the tail wheel anchorage and the landing gear welding on the fuselage. (I don't weld)

The landing gear was built by Marvin Wahl (since gone west) and the tail wheel setup was done by Brad Davenport. (Also has gone west) We are in the million last minute things on the welding at the moment. Clips to hold the fuselage stringers, the belly panel, shoulder harness anchorage, etc.

Then comes the dismantling of everything to blast and prime the fuselage. The two upper wings are ready to cover, tail feathers all done and I am struggling with the lower wings at the moment. Ten foot long full span ailerons with 12 ribs in each and aileron gap seals. Will it ever end? Maybe!!

Gene Horsman