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Burger Night!

Burger Night started a few years ago when Jody and I joined another couple from the Airpark for dinner at a local hole in the wall tavern for dinner one Tuesday night, we found the Tuesday night special was "buy one burger basket get another one free." Well being an airline captain I found this to be something worth coming back for next Tuesday, besides mine was free and Jody's was only $3.99! That was only $1.99 per meal and I though it would fit our dinner budget as long as we drank water.

Soon word spread around the Airpark and we had many neighbors and friends joining us for such a bargain dinner but to our disappointment the "hole in the wall" just could not handle our large and growing group and besides it was so smoky we couldn't stand it, so as we waited for our tab I came up with the idea, Hey why don't we try this at our hangar next Tuesday? And Burger Night was born!

Burger Night has grown to a great social event starting with a few friends and neighbors and growing to what it is today. We serve California burgers, French fries, onion rings, soda, water and yes there is beer, and some of the Ladies chip in and bring a dessert. Everybody throws a few bucks into the kitty to help cover expanses. They fly in their restored airplanes, drive in their custom cars and motorcycles. If I could find a mini donut machine it would be just like or even better than the County Fair!

If any member of AAA/APM would be interested in attending a Burger Night just e-mail me at and I would be more that happy to add you to the invitation list.

"See Ya Around the Patch"

Chuck Doyle
AAA Lifetime Member

Sky Harbor Airpark 1MN8 is located just 35 miles south of the Twin Cities MSP airport.