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Stars of the Sky And Screen: 2014 Fly-In

The 2014 Fly-In was held August 27 to September 1, 2013, at Antique Airfield (IA27), located between Ottumwa and Albia, Iowa. The 2014 theme is Stars of the Sky and Screen, moviestars, TV and airshow aircraft.

If you've never been to the fly-in, here's a First Timer's Guide to the Blakesburg fly-in.

Rob Bach wrote an article about Blakesburg dreams in the depths of winter. Good to read on those cold rainy days: A Tale of Two Fly-Ins.

In addition, our Chapter and Regional Fly-ins occur across the country.

What is a Fly-In?

Greg Herrick's Fairchild FC-2 over Antique Airfield
Greg Herrick's Fairchild FC-2 over Antique Airfield

Don't bother looking in the dictionary. You won't find "Fly-in" there. Where you'll find "fly-in" is in the sun of a warm summer day, and in your heart.

A fly-in is a gathering of airplanes and pilots. It's not an airshow - that's for the spectators. A fly-in is about the airplanes, and the pilots who fly them. It's a chance to renew old acquaintances - with pilots - and airplanes - who are old friends.

A fly-in is a chance to step back in time and see the airplanes that carried the mail, barnstormed the midwest, won World War II, or pioneered the airline routes. A fly-in, is. When you go to a fly-in, you see those old friends that you've flown with, or traded outrageous flying stories with - or you meet that aviation legend you read about as a kid.

If you haven't, go to a fly-in. Breath a bit of the air that the barnstormers breathed, and experience the joy of wood covered with taut fabric. Experience new-old sights, and rediscover flying.

Ric Ryburn

Fly-Ins Past

National Fly-ins at Blakesburg: