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2002 Fly-in Statistics

Here are the attendance statistics for the 2002 Annual AAA/APM Invitational Fly-In, held over Labor Day Weekend at Antique Airfield.

    321 total aircraft
    284 display aircraft (antique, classic, warbird,
           neo-classic and homebuilt)
     67 biplanes
     72 aircraft powered by radial engines (including
           one Wright J4 & two Wright J5 powered aircraft
           and one twin)
     10 aircraft powered by inline engines (including one twin)
      3 aircraft powered by OX-5 engines

      5 Great Lakes aircraft (one of our "Theme" aircaft.
           3 originals and 2 new production)
      9 Buckers (our other "Theme" aicraft.
           8 Jungman's and 1 Jungmeister)

   Other Highlights;
      4 Fairchilds
      7 Fleets
      3 Howards
      3 Meyers OTW
      5 Monocoupes
     14 Stearmans (including one C3R and one YPT-9)
     12 Stinsons (5 with radial engines)
      5 Travelair biplanes
     13 Waco's (various models)
     13 Homebuilts
     29 Cessna (taildraggers)
     21 Luscombes
     32 Pipers (rag and tube variety)
     11 Taylorcrafts
     14 Aeroncas

Many thanks to everyone who attended, and to all the volunteers, who helped make the 2002 Fly-In a great success!