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Celebrating the AAA's Diamond Jubilee:
Aircraft from the First Few Fly-Ins

It started as a conversation at lunch a few weeks after the 2012 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in. APM President Mike Gretz, Ben Taylor and yours truly were already contemplating the theme, featured aircraft and other such ideas for the 2013 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in (Aug 28th - Sep 2nd 2013). In our mental perambulations we came upon the realization that 2013 would be the 60th Anniversary of Robert Taylor founding the AAA and after much cyphering (on bar napkins), determined that the 2013 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in would be the 60th annual event as well.

As for a theme we needed to look no further and with the enthusiastic support of the APM and AAA Boards we have begun said planning. A key to the idea of celebrating our 60th Annual Fly-in was to attempt to find as many aircraft as possible that attended the first few National Fly-ins.

This Canadian-built DeHavilland Tiger Moth attended the very 1st AAA National Fly-in at Ottumwa, IA in 1954. If you have any leads as to the identity and/or whereabouts of this 'Moth please let us know.

Perhaps a bit of AAA history is in order: The 1st AAA National Fly-in was held at the Ottumwa airport, now the Ottumwa Industrial Airport (OTM) and a total of 5 antique airplanes attended, plus a Stearman duster flown in by Franny Rourke, Allen Rudolph's Model A powered Pietenpol Aircamper and other more "modern" aircraft such as a BT-13, Swift, Navion, early model Bonanza, Cessna 120 etc. The 1955 Fly-in was also held at Ottumwa but as yet we have found no record of the aircraft attending that event though research continues. In 1956 the AAA National Fly-in was combined with the EAA National Fly-in and that event was held at Oshkosh, WI. Attendance at that event was 20 or so antiques and classics. Then in 1957 the fly-in was held back in Ottumwa. In fact there apparently were two AAA Fly-ins held in Ottumwa that year. One in June, the other on the more traditional September dates. While the June Fly-in attendance suffered from weather problems the September Fly-in saw more than 20 antiques, classics and a few homebuilts in attendance.

With the above data we have begun a search to find those aircraft and invite them to once again attend the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in as the centerpiece to our 60th Anniversary celebration. We'd also welcome any of those early/members and pilots that attended those first events to come forward as we would value your participation as well.

This Waco RNF, N11210, attended the 1st AAA National Fly-in at Ottumwa, IA and is currently registered in Scottsdale AZ.

So following is a list of those aircraft we know attended those inaugural AAA events. While this list has data missing we hope our readers out there can help fill in those blanks, give us a more complete data base with which to work from and in turn help make the 60th Annual AAA Fly-in a very memorable one for all those who attend. We'd also welcome any photos, stories or remembrances of these early AAA events that you might care to share with us.

Brent Taylor, Fly-In Chairman

This Pitcairn PA-7 "Mailwing", NC13158, was in attendance at the 1st AAA National Fly-in at Ottumwa, IA in 1954. It was recently donated to the Owls Head Transportation Museum in Maine. Would be great to see it at our 60th Annual Fly-in in 2013.

Aircraft N-Number Then Owner/Pilot Current Owner Current Location
Travel Air D4D NC606K Rezich Brothers Nicholas R & James Rezich Winnebago, IL
Waco RNF NC11201   James Munier Scottsdale, AZ
Pitcairn PA-7 NC13158   Owls Head Transportation Museum Owls Head, ME
DH "Tiger Moth" CF-CJ?      
Pietenpol NX13691 Allen Rudolph Maryann Dunn Youngstown, OH
Stearman Duster   Franny Rourke    

AAA Founder & President, Robert Taylor, greets Mike Rezich and his Travel Air D4D, NC606K, at the 1st AAA National Fly-in (1954) in Ottumwa, IA. The Rezich brothers and their Travel Air were regular attendees at the early AAA Fly-ins.

Aircraft N-Number Then Owner/Pilot Current Owner Current Location
Stinson SM-8A N1026 R. Clarence Rooke Everill Celina, TX
Great Lakes 2T-1A N11338 Bob MacGregor Steve Benson Keenesburg, CO
Fleet 1 N8616 Wayne Risk and Chet Peek Ron Price Vinesburg, CA

Fleet 1, N8616 at the 1955 National Fly-in at Ottumwa. AAA founder/president Robert Taylor had his first open cockpit biplane ride in this Fleet (AAA archives)

NC8616 as she appears today. Owned by Ron Price, this Fleet has been a regular visitor to Antique Airfield over the last several years. (Gilles Auliard photo)

Aircraft N-Number Then Owner/Pilot Current Owner Current Location
Great Lakes 2T-1A N313Y Robert Taylor Sale Reported Oklahoma
Great Lakes 2T-1A N828K   Bill Lumley Delray Beach, FL
Great Lakes 2T-1A N12849 Elmo Maurer    
Monocoupe 110 N533W Gene Ellan Norman Cowell Harbor City, CA
Monocoupe 90AL N87619 Lawrence Healey    
Monocoupe 90A N16423      
Monocoupe 90 N170K Dave Jameson Reynolds-Alberta Museum Alberta, Canada
Aeronca K N18896 Edward Schubert Aviation Museum of Kentucky Lexington, KY
Aeronca C-3 N16286   Allen Vehis Fayetteville, GA
Thomas Morse N74W Woody Woodard Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum Rhinebeck, NY
Ryan STA N14982 Bob McGregor Bernard Buiger Orange, CA
Ryan PT-22 N47432 Bill Barber Charles Day Aircraft San Angelo, TX
Porterfield CP-50 N25495 Dave Warren Mike Reed Parsons, KS
DH "Tiger Moth" CF-CTU Keith Hopkinson    
Rearwin Sportster   Lawrence Gorman    
Fleetwing Seabird N19191 Bud Oliver Fred Patterson California
Waco ZQC-6        
DH "Puss Moth" CF-AVC      
Meyers OTW N26487   Chuck Downey Downers Grove, IL
Cessna C-34 N16404   Robert Hartmaier Jr. New Jersey
Fleet Model 2 N431K   Stan Sweikar Dameron, MD

The caption on the back of this photo stated this Fleet 2, N431K, had attended the 1956 AAA/EAA National Fly-in, Oshkosh, WI. (AAA archives)

NC431K at the 2012 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in. Just freshly retored by owner Stan Sweikar, it was a big award winner at the event. (Nigel Hitchman photo)

This model A powered Pietenpol, NX13691, attended the very 1st AAA National Fly-in in 1954 at Ottumwa, IA. The above photo (by Gilles Auliard) of Ted Davis flying the 'Piet, was taken during the 2005 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in at Antique Airfield.

June 1957
Aircraft N-Number Then Owner/Pilot Current Owner Current Location
Aeronca C-3 N12405 Maurice Young Jerry Petro Williamsburg, VA
Fairchild 22 N13284 Dick Lord John Wyss St. James, MO
Culver Cadet N29390 ?      
Cessna C-145 N25483 Henry Damiano John Rowles Bemidji, MN

Our 2002 Grand Champion Antique, the 1935 Pasped Skylark, NC14919, was an early AAA National Fly-in attendee as far back as at least 1957. We hope to see current owner, Robert "Buzz" Penny from Versailles, MO, back at Antique Airfield with the Pasped in 2013.

September 1957
Aircraft N-Number Then Owner/Pilot Current Owner Current Location
Aeronca C-3 N13094 David McClure San Diego Aerospace Museum San Diego, CA
Beechcraft D-17S N69H Howard Denbo    
Bellanca 14-9 N25193 Val Banes Dan Cullman Kent, WA
Bird BK N9184 Melba Beard Jeannie Hill Harvard, IL
Cessna C-145 N19495 Col. F.E. Dubisher Paul Skogstad Germany
Culver LFA N24878 Harold Sharpnack Russ Chambers Greenville, TX
Fleet 2 N648M A.W. Pannell Sale Reported San Diego, CA
Heath LNB-4 N15792 Andy Anderson Mid Atlantic Air Museum Reading, PA
Meyers OTW N26429 Carl Nutter Michael Barg Clovis, NM
Monocoupe 90A N1002      
Paine the Texan N47P Sim Paine    
Pasped Skylark N14979 Victor Kirby Robert "Buzz" Penney Versailles, MO
SAC SAC-1 N3800C Del Denley J.G. Dixon Graham, TX
Star Cavalier N14860 Wally Hanson & Ken Muxlow John Cournoyer Elsinore, MO
Stinson SM-8A N418M Floyd Orrington Gerry Thoutte Port Ludlow, WA
Stinson SM-8A N416Y Bill Manchester Seymour Robin Woodland Hills, CA
Stinson V-77   Dan Neuman    
Travel Air E-4000 N648H Bill Shank EAA Oshkosh, WI
Waco AVN-8 N231E Stanley Howe John Cournoyer Elsinore, MO
Waco UIC N13072 Ed Frost Dennis Simmons Apple Valley, MN
Wiley Post N13597 Marion McClure Barry McClure Osprey, FL