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BTB Days
Award Winners

Sweepstakes Homebuilt
1984 Corben Super Ace
Poplar Grove Airmotive
Poplar Grove, IL
Flown by; Trent Davis
(Nigel Hitchman photo)

Grand Champion Homebuilt
1977 Westphal Parrakeet
Vaughn Lovley
New Prague, MN
(Megan Rochelle Photo)

Sweepstakes Neo-Classic (1946-1956)
1946 Aeronca 11AC
Ryan Harter
Greenfield, IN
(Jim Savage photo)

Grand Champion Neo-Classic (1946-1956)
1946 Aeronca 7AC
Classic Aviation Inc.
Pella, IA
(Megan Rochelle Photo)

Sweepstakes Warbird (1941-1945)
Aeronca L-16
Charles Barth
Pekin, IL
(No photo available)

Grand Champion Warbird (1941-1945)
1943 Boeing A75N1
Edward Miller
Santa Rosa, CA
(Paul Stevens photo)

Sweepstakes Classic (1936-1941)
1937 Stinson SR-8B
Dave Lunsford
Bayfield, CO
Flown by; Ben Redman
(Dean Coryell photo)

Grand Champion Classic (1936-1941)
1939 Spartan 7W
Jim Savage
Gibsonia, PA
(Tom Gehman photo)

Sweepstakes Antique (pre-1936)
1931 Curtiss Wright Sedan
Historic Aircraft Restoration Center
St. Louis, MO
Flown by Glen Peck
(Tom Gehman photo)

Grand Champion Antique (pre-1936)
1929 Pitcairn PA-6
Ryan Lihs
Sioux City, IA
(Jack Fleetwood photo)