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Volunteer Thank Yous

The AAA/APM Fly-in takes a herculean effort yearly to prepare for and execute. In 2017 we had the additional efforts of several “Capitol Improvement Projects” to complete, including improvements to the showerhouses, more work in the main museum’s Powell Hall, a new roof on the museum storage hangar plus continued progress in the APM Restoration Center, and returning more APM aircraft to flying status.

Fortunately, we have a loyal and growing cadre of volunteers who spend their time, talents, and money to help make all this happen! Without their help and dedication the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in would simply not be possible! So with apologies in advance to anyone I may have missed, if you enjoyed the 2017 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in (our 64th annual event), please make certain to thank the following individuals and service organizations for their hard work and dedication in making it a safe and fun event for all participants.

Field Preparations and Clean Up

Ken Marth, Luke Pieper, Doris Gretz, Aaron Klugherz, Mark, Teri, Jeff & Sheila Lancaster, Harve Applegate, Mike, John & Claire Lossner, Bill & Ryan Weyers, Dan, LuAnn & Dakota Quinn, Steve & Fletcher Black, Mike Latta, Mike Townsley, Eric, Ryan & Jane Fritz, Bob Tejchma, Jim Ashley, Gary Van Farowe, Don Parks, George Winheim, Rick Gritters, Steve Adkisson, Bill Sheperd, Gary, Toby & Jen Hanson, Les Gaskill, Scott Burbank, Mark Flounders, Doug & Tyler Knott, Tim & LuVerne Verhoeven, Jim Schreier, Danny Glenn, Chuck & Shannon Avon, Mike & Michelle Warin, Jessica Fuller, Holly Vanorny, Cindy Grimm, Mike Townsley, Dave Coop, Mark Robotti, Jeff, Kim & Samantha Claypool, Melissa Phillips, Marcy, Ben & Robert Taylor


Denny Whitson & Ottumwa VFW Post # 775 Larry & Jeannette Keitel, Bill & Jenny Bennett

Flight Line (Aircraft Parking)

Ben Taylor, Aaron, Tom & Rich Klugherz, Bryan DeWitt Chuck Barth, Jim Densmore, David Lamb, Shannon, Debra & Nathan Frost

Air Traffic Control Flagmen

Robert & Dallas Grimm, Tom Gehman, Mark Robotti, Toby Hanson, David Lamb, Ben Taylor, Joe Feauto


Cindy DeWild, Marcy Taylor, Marjorie VanDePol, Cindy Grimm

Emergency Aircraft Repairs

Steve Adkisson, Barry Taylor, Dave Wilkie, Forrest Lovely, Mark Wiebe

Pilot's Pub

Mark, Teri, Tanner, Jeff & Shelia Lancaster, Natalie Alexander, Eric, Jane, Tyler & Ryan Fritz, Luke Pieper, Kim Claypool, Craig Shorten, Ken Marth, Steve Adkisson

Movies and Sound

Aaron & Tom Klugherz, Steve Black, Bryan DeWitt

Aircraft Statisticians

Suzy Kryzanowicz, Dave Miller, Joni Diamond

Memorial Service

Justin Niemyjski, Cliff Hatz, LuVerne Verhoeven, Gary Redden, John & Claire Lossner, Aaron & Tom Klugherz

Missing Man formation

“The Bucker Boys”: John Hickman, Jim White, David Stillinger, Chris Overson


Paul Berge, Steve Black, Ben Taylor

APM Fly Market

Steve Butler, Nick Hildreth, Les Gaskill, Mike Lossner

RV Parking

Dan Maurer


Alan Achor, Brent Blue, Brian Stockton, Dave Miller, Dave Lahrman, Brett Chilcott, Carl Morgan, G.R. Dennis Price, Gilles Auliard, Jack Fleetwood, Megan Vande Voort, Jim Densmore, Jon Cook, Paul Stevens, Sparky Barnes Sargent, Bob Punch, Dean Coryell, Dave Schober, Jeff Sullens, Dave Swartz, Charles E. “Chuck” Stewart, Jim Savage, Jonathan Apfelbaum, Nigel Hitchman, Tom Gehman, Dan Quinn, Kathy Adkisson, Bryan DeWitt, Matt McVicker

Field Maintenance

Gary & Toby Hanson, Tim Verhoeven, Rick Gritters, Les Gaskill, Dan Quinn, Jim Ashley

People Puller

Dan Quinn, Dale Severs

APM Gift Shop

Doris Gretz, LuVerne Verhoeven, Barb Frost, Gloria Robotti, LuAnn Quinn, Jessica Fuller, Holly Vanorny, Amber Covington

Coffee House & Dairy Queen Treats

Rosie Duckworth, Carol & Gary Van Farowe, Karen Meirndorf & Tom Botsford, Fern Griesbach & Jerry Lugten, Mark & Barb Smokovitz, Lynn Towns & Sharon Plavnick, Snooks Bouska, The Tiger Boys

Emergency Services

Blakesburg Volunteer Fire Department


Dakota Quinn, Cody Klima

APM Aircraft

Shane & Sullivan Vande Voort, Jeff Claypool, Mike Lossner, Ben Taylor, Rick Gritters, Mark Lancaster, Classic Aviation of Pella, IA


Russell Williams (website), Classic Aviation of Pella, IA & Bob Lancaster Oil Co. (aircraft fueling) Blakesburg Historical Preservation Society (pie) Melissa Little (Ottumwa Convention & Visitors Bureau) Hy-Vee Catering (food services)