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Corporate Wings

Featuring Howard Aircraft
AAA/APM 2009 Fly-In, September 2-7

While airmail help paved the way for commercial aviation and the airlines, the 1930's also saw the beginnings of aircraft being used for business and corporate flying. Why just a cursory look at photos of Wacos, Stinsons, Howards, Lockheeds, Stearmans, Fairchilds, Beechcrafts, etc. from that era will show many being used in such roles. From the oil companies such as Phillips, Shell, Pure Oil, Texaco, etc. to companies as diverse as Firestone Tire, the Des Moines Register, Morrell Meat Packing Co., Coca-Cola etc., all whom were operating aircraft for business use.

Howard in flight

Therefore for the 2009 AAA/APM Fly-in (Sep 2-7, 2009) we celebrated "Corporate Wings," those early days of corporate aviation. As part of that celebration Howard aircraft were featured.

In addition to owners of early corporate aircraft, an invitation was extended to all Howard owners via the Howard Aircraft Foundation and the Howard Club newsletter (32 AAA members and 110 non-members) to feature Howard aircraft at "Corporate Wings". The turnout was incredible and the featured aircraft that attended are shown below. In all over 360 aircraft were at the field during the fly-in.

Featured Aircraft that were at Corporate Wings:

Corporate Aircraft Howard Aircraft

Photo by Gilles Auliard
Waco UEC, NC12471
John Swander
DeSoto, KS
Viking Flying Boat Company

Photo by Don Thun
Mr. Mulligan, NR273Y
Jim Younkin
Springdale, AR
Fairchild 24 N81362
Steve Quick
Wichita, KS
Firchan Brother's Logging Co

Photo by Gilles Auliard
Howard DGA-15, NC5604V
Gary Lust
Iowa City, IA

Photo by Don Thun
Ryan SC-W, NC18914
Russell Williams
Bellevue, WA
Firestone Tire & Rubber Company
Howard DGA-15, NC68431
Ed and Barbara Moore
Daytona Beach, FL

Photo by Gilles Auliard
Cessna T-50, NC41759
Tom Huf
Kingsley, PA
Berghoff Brewery
Howard DGA-15, NC663H
Ben Scott
Reno, NV
Stinson 10A, NC36709
Elaine Huf
Kingsley, PA

Photo by Larry Ikenberry
Howard DGA-15, NC727ST
Fred Lundeen
Olympia, WA

Photo by Chuck Stewart
Lockheed 12, NC2072
Joe Shepard
Fayetteville, GA

Photo by Nigel Hitchman
Howard DGA-15P, NC66204
Jerry Lugten
Leslie, MI
Laird LCB, NC10402
Larry Howard
Spokane, WA
Berry Brothers
Howard DGA-15P, NC999WT
LeRoy Peterson
Aguila, AZ
Stearman N806RB
Brian and Rachel Aukes
Ames, IA
Red Baron Pizza
Howard DGA-15P, N67433 "Archibald B"
Dennis and Susan Lyons
San Miguel, CA
Beech D18S N411J
Chuck and Jody Doyle
Webster, MN
North Carolina Pulp Company
Howard DGA-15P, N1335M
Fred Martin
Minneapolis, MN

Photo by Chuck Stewart
Waco ASO, NC608N
Rich Hornbeck
Bowdoinham, ME
Texaco Number 7

Photo by Max Haynes
Howard DGA-15, NC22440
Bruce Olson
Eden Prairie, MN