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Iowa Centenary of Flight

Featuring Fairchild Aircraft
AAA/APM 2010 Fly-In, September 1-6

Eric Presten's Bleriot

The Antique Aircraft Association and Airpower Museum are proud to announce that it will join with other aviation events in Iowa celebrating 100 years of aviation in Iowa, "Iowa's Centenary of Flight." For a taste of what Iowa aviation can be, here's a short video preview of the Blakesburg fly-in:

It was in 1910 that Iowan's first took to the air. While controvery rages to this day over who was first and where that flight took place, it is certain that two Curtiss aviators, J.C. "Bud" Mars and Iowa native Eugene Ely flew their Curtiss biplanes at Sioux City, Iowa on June 29th and 30th 1910. Find out more about the 1910 Air Meets and how they put aviation into the popular mind of the day.

Officially then, the theme for the 2010 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in (Sep. 1-6, 2010) is "Iowa's Centenary of Flight." As was done in 2009 a specific marque of aircraft has been chosen to compliment the theme. This year it will be Fairchild aircraft.

Started as an aerial photography business in 1920, Fairchild and Kreider-Reisner (absorbed by Fairchild in 1929) produced a long and varied line of aircraft from 1926 until 1987. It is fitting then to spotlight this fine marque of aircraft and the many models of antique/classic/warbird and neo-classic aircraft produced over it's sixty year history.

We are currently at work identifying and inviting those pioneer era replicas that will lend an air of authenticity to "Iowa's Centenary of Flight." These include a replica 1911 Cessna (Clyde Cessna was an Iowa native), a replica of Eugene Ely's Curtiss Pusher and Eric Presten's Bleriot.

We are also doing the same in regards to Fairchilds. Wouldn't it be great to see a line up with an FC2, 71, KR-31, KR-21, 22's, 24's, and PT's? We think so and look forward to that distinct possibility.

It also seems, as usually happens, word of the 2010 theme and featured aircraft have already meet with enthusiasm even before this, the official announcement. The following airplanes and owners have already confirmed their participation. Pictured above Greg Herrick has promised to have his Fairchild FC-2 in attendance once again plus:

Greg Herrick's Fairchild FC-2
Greg Herrick has promised to attend in his Fairchild FC-2

Eric Presten's Bleriot Replica
Eric Presten, Schellville,CA plans to be in attendance with his Rotec radial powered, wing warped controlled Bleriot replica.

Andy Anderson's Antique Bi-Wing Homebuilt
Andy Anderson's Bi-Wing Antique Homebuilt will be brought to the field by the Anderson Family. Read the full story about this antique Iowa homebuilt aircraft.

The Vintage Aero Flying Museum in Colorado will bring three replica Fokkers to the fly-in. These aircraft are replicas of a 1917 Fokker DR.1 (triplane), 1918 D VII (biplane) and 1918 D VIII (monoplane). Pilots are reported to be Mark Holliday, Andrew King & Bob Coolbaugh.

Featured Aircraft Committed to attend (in addition to the above):

Fairchild 24G, NC23E
Skagit Aero Education Museum
Concrete, WA
Fairchild 24J, NC19177
Mark Lancaster
Ottumwa, IA
Fairchild 24R-46, N81362
Steve Quick
Wichita, KS
Fairchild XNQ-1, N5726
Don Pellegreno
Rhome, TX
Fairchild 22 C7D, NC14768
Steve Roth
Madison, VA
Fairchild 24W-46, N77642
Dan Kirkpatrick
Lawson, MO
Fairchild 24 C8A, N957V
Rudy Frasca
Urbana, IL
Fairchild 24W-41A, NC28690
Gerry Flaugher
Poplar Grove, IL
Fairchild PT-23, N64172
Frasca International
Urbana, IL
(no photo) Fairchild PT-19, N53956
Roger Pointer
Maxwell, IA
(no photo) Fairchild PT-26, N9474H
Pat Stewart
Collinsville, OK

National Air Tour Reunion

In addition to the Iowa Centenary of Flight theme, the 2010 National Fly-In will also be the site of the National Air Tour Reunion. In 2003 Greg Herrick organized and lead a group of 30 antique aircraft representing the "Golden Age" of aviation on a recreation of the Ford Air Tours of the 1920's and early 1930's. The sixteen state, thirty plus city tour, a highlight of the "100th Anniversary of Flight" celebrations leading up to Dec 17th anniversary/celebration at Kitty Hawk, NC, was perhaps the most visible and successful of all those celebrations that year. Almost all the participating pilots and crew are active AAA members and most of the participating aircraft have attended fly-ins here at Antique Airfield in the past.

National Air Tour Formation

So it is with great pleasure that we announce that Antique Airfield will be the site of the 2010 NAT Reunion during the fly-in. We look forward to seeing many of the pilots, crew and aircraft that participated in the 2003 tour, as well as the 2005 NAT Reunion that was also held here at Antique Airfield, in attendance. As with the 2005 reunion, we will be planning a NAT Reunion Banquet on Friday night, September 3rd, probably at the Hotel Ottumwa.

Please let us know if you will be able to join with us here at the AAA/APM for this event and if you will be attending in your tour airplane. More info available at the NAT website and NAT Facebook page. Contact Greg at or

NAT Aircraft Committed to attend:

Waco ASO, NC608N
NAT #7
Rich Hornbeck
Waco ASO, NC662Y
NAT #26
Dave & Jeanne Allen
Waco UEC, NC12471
NAT #15
John Swander