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More Shelf Space for the APM Library of Flight

Posted in News | January 18, 2010

While the past several months have been taken up with fund raising and planning for the future APM Restoration Center, other projects have also been ongoing here at the APM.

One of those was the need for more shelving in the APM "Library of Flight".

APM President Mike Gretz had been working on the planning for the location and construction of a much needed additional book case in the library. It was important for this new book case to reflect the design of those already in place and so with that in mind a small group of volunteers descended on the library to get this additional shelving built.

Saturday morning (Jan 16th) found Mike Lossner, Steve Adkisson, Mark Lancaster and yours truly meeting in Blakesburg for a hearty breakfast. Once back at Antique Airfield we were joined by Mike Gretz and Ben Taylor. All manor of saws, hammers, screw drivers, measuring devices and other implements of construction appeared from the back of pick-ups and the construction process began. Other than a break for lunch, prepared by Marcy Taylor, the construction crew kept up a steady pace with the goal of having the shelves built and trimmed before days end.

Even with a few interruptions including visits by RLT, Harve Applegate and Les Gaskill, as well as a couple of extra trips back to Menards, the eighteen foot long by four foot high set of shelves were indeed completed and ready for sanding, stain and paint by days end.

"Thanks" go to the construction crew as mentioned above, Marcy Taylor for keeping us all feed and watered, and to Scott Fisher and Mike Gretz for their donations to help get this project done.

Brent Taylor

How Many Pilots Does it Take to Laminate a Spar?

Posted in Members | January 17, 2010

Russell Williams sent photos of a spar lamination party held for the rear spar of his 1929 St. Louis Cardinal in Auburn WA. The Cardinal has a one-piece wing so the spar is rather long, and 10 fellow pilots and restorers assisted with the glue-up.

Pre-flight briefing with demonstrations of how to mix and apply epoxy.

Rehearsal of the flip and positioning of the top ply.

Slathering on the epoxy. Next time don't use cheap brushes from Harbor Freight - too many brush hairs coming out!

Positioning the top ply for real.

Homemade clamps for a 36' table.

Unheated hangars and epoxy don't mix. Setting up a heat retention tent for holding in heat from space heaters.

The entire crew with the silver worm from outer space.

Restoration Center Campaign January Update

Posted in News | January 12, 2010

The fund raising for the APM Restoration Center, our "Buy-a-Foot" campaign, has seemingly struck a positive chord with our members. To date "Buy-a-Foot" has raised over $29K with almost daily additions to the funding for this exciting project.

To break it down a bit further, some 1162 sq. ft., of the available 2840 sq. ft., has been claimed and paid for. This represents nearly 41% of the available floor space. I might add that these funds have all been raised since the "Buy-a-Foot" campaign was announced some six months ago in July of 2009.

232 contributions to the "Buy-a-Foot" campaign have been received from 35 states and Canada. Those states include IA, IL, WI, MO, TX, MI, CA, IN, AZ, CO, FL, MN, PA, OK, LA, MD, GA, KS, VA, OH, SD, WA, NC, WY, MT, OR, SC, TN, NY, MS, CT, NJ, NV, ID & AK. Antique Airfield Ambassador "deeds" have been issued to some 260 individuals, couples, families, corporations, foundations, AAA chapters and even an EAA chapter. Along with the "seed" money from Jim Miller, plus pledges of material for the project, well over $44K has been contributed to the project to date.

It has been very encouraging for the Board of Directors here at the APM to witness the dedication that members of the AAA and other donors have to helping us get this project off the ground. We have received comments recently such as:

Here is a small donation for the new Restoration Center. I think buying a foot is a great idea. Lorraine Newhouse, Tucson, AZ

Will my urn fit in my square foot? Now there's an idea. Larry Mittendorf, Murphysboro, IL

I hope someday to retire close enough to work in the new facility. Michael Armstrong, Fairbanks, AK

Very best on the venture of the Restoration Center. Here is a little to push it along. Dick Waite, Hagerman, ID

Thanks for providing such a great way to honor and thank all the people who have most inspired my interest in Antique aircraft. David Pitcairn, Essington, PA

We look forward to springtime and the start of construction on the Restoration Center. Updates will be posted here on the web site as well as in future issues of the Antique Airfield Runway so keep watching this space.

Plus you are certainly welcome to join us and become an Antique Airfield Ambassador and help us get the APM Restoration & Maintenance Center built and operational.

Finally, a big "Thank You " to all those whom have contributed to this project.

Brent Taylor

Restoration Center Donors since December 15

Posted in News | January 12, 2010

Thanks to these new donors since December 15 to the Restoration and Maintenance Center project at Antique Airfield:

Steve L. Butler (APM Trustee) Arnold M. Wood Ted Davis Gary & Beth McCartan
Gary Lust Sharon Lust Karl Lust Amy (Lust) Hartlieb
Butler - Brown Insurance Jack Greiner Thomas A. Lenox Edwina M. Laymon
Daniel J. Laymon Edward Lachendro Morton W. Lester Bruce F. Mitchell
William & Kathleen Weyers & Family Dick Carroll John Seibold Larry E. Larmon
John S. Baitinger, Sr. Ann & Don Pellegreno Richard Reade Larry J. Coppernoll
Glenn A. Cox Lewis W. Shaw II James R. Mahoney Brent A. Blue, M.D.
Don Staats Charlie Staats Stan & Sandy Sweikar, Jr. Winn & Carolyn Baker
Carl H. Francis George Buttles Vicki Buttles Frank Lamm
Rich & Connie Hill Dwight D. LeClere George & Rosella Wamser Larry DesCombes
Michael K. & Jeanne F.M. Armstrong Beverly & Robert Grider Carl M. Williams Steve Givens
Kenneth L. Moe Eric R. Moe Edgar C. Garber, Jr. Robert W. Howard
Ron Mason Levi Mason Ryan Johnson Robert V. Engels
Jay Baeten Daniel Martinez Jack Diebert Richard H. Waite
William "Bud" Field H.N. "Dusty" Rhodes C.H. & Zachary Woodhull Gerald W. Griggs
James F. & Gail I. Wheeler Larry R. Mittendorf Laren Pitcairn Stephen Pitcairn
Harold F. Pitcairn Lorraine Newhouse Donald Miles Randall L. Sohn
Randall L. Sohn (memory of
Louis (Louie) O. Simmons)
R.A. Duckworth Dick Weeden Gale Stock
Lynn Stock Joseph D. Haggen Bob Almstead Henry Rahlf
Dayton Waller, Jr. William H. Krcma Richard F. Reich John L. Coppernoll
Bernie & Mac Waldon Hal W. Skinner Frank Delmar Jeannie Williams
W.M. Amundson Snooks Bouska "The Crazy Czech Pilot" John & Marcia Thomas James T. Stewart
Carl E. Carson (in honor
of Willard & Kristine Carson)
Harold Shevers, Jr. Kelly Posey Mike Posey

You too can support the Restoration Center and become an Antique Airfield Ambassador with a square foot of the center in your name.

Bayport Aerodrome New Year's Day Flying

Posted in Members | January 12, 2010

Stuart Bain of the Bayport Aerodrome, mid-way out on Long Island in New York, was out flying on New Year's Day, along with friend Bill in his Brunner-Winkle Bird.

Don Parsons' Blog: 01-11 Too cold to work.

Posted in Members | January 12, 2010
This article is from Don Parsons' Blog Flying Antique Airplanes, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

It's cold in here! Glenn's heater broke this weekend and we didn't know it until today. It was pretty cold in there yesterday when Sky was working on the baggage compartment lid and I was trying to get cotter-key holes lined up in castle-nuts. When we came out this morning, it was 46 degrees in the hangar. We had the guy put some more propane in the tank but it turned out to be the blower fan.

Ryan Georgi's Blog: ...and the evening sun.

Posted in Members | January 11, 2010
This article is from Ryan Georgi's Blog Latest Flying Adventure, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on
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Stan Sweikar's Fleet Project

Posted in Members | January 07, 2010

Stan Sweikar wrote to us about his Fleet project:

Now hunkered down for the cold winter getting some quality shop time.

Winter's project is finishing the upper wing to my 1929 Fleet Model 2, NC431K. At present working the dope up through silver, lots of wet sanding and then will be followed by the color finishing coats Lower wings and tail feathers are completed. Fuselage is ready for cover and will be next. But at the rate I'm going, first flight is still several years off.


Colorado Chapter January 2010 Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | January 07, 2010
Here's the Colorado Chapter January Newsletter. Annual banquet January 23rd, with a program on flying WWI biplanes from Denver to Dayton.

See all the Chapter Newsletters.

Don Parsons' Blog: 01/05 Cub Progress - Putting on the Shock Cords

Posted in Members | January 06, 2010
This article is from Don Parsons' Blog Flying Antique Airplanes, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

Under Glenn's supervision, Sky and I learned how to put on shock cords this afternoon. He has a homemade "stretcher" which you put in a vise to use. Then it's a piece of cake to stretch them out and put them on. You just have to be careful, it one breaks it slaps you upside the head!