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Skagit Aero's Blog: New Piper Clipper PA-16 Page And More Photos

Posted in Members | December 28, 2009
This article is from Skagit Aero's Blog Skagit Aero Museum, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on


Well after a long delay, we’re finally getting around to putting up the Piper Clipper photos we took earlier in the fall. It was another one of those beautiful evenings with great light and a great looking airplane. This is the airplane that won Grand Champion for classic aircraft this year at the Arlington Fly In (the museum’s Ryan ST-A and Mooney Mite also won awards).

We’ve also added a page in the aircraft section for the Clipper. We still have lots of airplanes to add, including the rest of our short wing Piper collection. Once the Vagabond is finished, we’ll have an incredible collection of all the short wing Pipers looking better than they did coming out of the factory.

Our goal is to one day have part of one of our display hangars looking like a Piper showroom with our Colt, Vagabond, Clipper, Pacer and Tri-Pacer all displayed proudly. In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for just flying them in the nice evening light.

Below are just a few more of the photos from the Clipper page.




Skagit Aero's Blog: The Reliant Door Tells The Story

Posted in Members | December 28, 2009
This article is from Skagit Aero's Blog Skagit Aero Museum, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

Ever since getting the fabric off of the Stinson SR-9C Reliant we acquired last winter, it’s been no secret that there is a lot of work to be done on this airplane. Most of the wood work will have to be redone and there’s a fair amount of metal work as well.

Recently Jim removed the baggage door from the airframe and in some ways it seems like that little part is indicative of the bigger plane. A lot of the wood on this airplane hasn’t been touched since new. And with this SR-9C spending a fair part of its life on floats, there is plenty of wood needing some attention.


The Stinson receives most of the restoration hours these days. Over the winter, there are several other projects to be worked on, but the Reliant will see a lot of progress. Here’s a look inside the door. The good news is that most of the wood throughout the airplane is still in good enough shape to use as a template for fabricating the new pieces.


A look inside the baggage door on the Stinson SR-9C

A close up look at the latch area on the Stinson Reliant door

A close up look at the latch area on the Stinson Reliant door

Baggage door frame on SR-9C

Baggage door frame on SR-9C

Skagit Aero's Blog: Paul returns with his Curtiss-Wright Junior CW-1S

Posted in Members | December 28, 2009
This article is from Skagit Aero's Blog Skagit Aero Museum, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

Paul Cullman in his 1931 Curtiss-Wright Junior CW-1S

Paul Cullman in his 1931 Curtiss-Wright Junior CW-1S

Well as promised, Paul Cullman visited again, this time with his beautiful Curtiss-Wright Junior CW-1S. As much as we liked the L-5 visit (more pictures from that visit below), seeing the Junior was a real treat. This airplane was built in 1931 and was Curtiss’ answer to an affordable airplane during the depression. It was sort of the LSA of its time and was designed to cost about the same as a ‘medium class’ automobile. Unfortunately, today’s LSAs don’t quite even come in at the expensive class of cars.

The small, two seat pusher design looks rather unusual and apparently the airplane’s were teased a bit during the 1930s for looking like a bathtub. But it looks like a lot of fun to fly and is so simple. Originally the airplanes came with a tiny Szekely 45 hp three cylinder radial. Paul’s Junior is a CW-1S and has the 40 hp, nine cylinder Salmson radial on it. The engine is great and looks just like a miniature version of a bigger radial.


Nine cylinder 40 hp Salmson Radial Engine

Nine cylinder 40 hp Salmson Radial Engine

A few more pictures of Paul’s Stinson L-5 that he flew in the other week.

Ambulance Door Open on the L-5

Ambulance Door Open on the Stinson L-5

Stinson L-5 Cockpit

Stinson L-5 Cockpit

Stinson L-5 from the apartment

Stinson L-5 from the apartment

Don Parsons' Blog: How we all started.

Posted in Members | December 27, 2009
This article is from Don Parsons' Blog Flying Antique Airplanes, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

You old guys remember these. We youngsters had plastic models to satisfy our aviation urges. But the real-deal is Balsa wood, flying models. Sky has started building Guillows models. Waiting on dad to come home so he could go out and be bored waiting for direction to work on the full-size Cub wasn't enough for him. I haven't helped him at all. He builds 6-thousand piece Lego kits all the time, so this should be a cinch.

Now to teach him rib-stitching...

Merry Christmas from Antique Airfield

Posted in News | December 23, 2009

Tim Galpin's New Zealand Based Rearwin Sportster

Posted in Members | December 18, 2009

Tim Galpin in New Zealand has written in about his Rearwin:

I put the wings back on my Rearwin on the weekend finally had a group of friends come and give me a hand its starting to look like an aeroplane again, it is in the original paint style when it was back in 1938 when it came to New Zealand. I have started the certification process with the New Zealand civil aviation looks as though I could be in for a bit for a fight with them, so we will see what happens there.

So far they have told me that the airplane will be treated as the first of type in New Zealand, because there has not been one flying here since they change the rule in the 1990s. If this is the case we might have to do quite a bit of test flying in it before we can get it certified. My argument with them was that it has been registered continuously since 1938 when it was imported.

I look up the weather in your part of the world yesterday, it has definitely got cold I won't complain about winter here ever again. I think you are going to have snow for Christmas somehow, the weather here is about 75 F at the moment and should stay like that for about the next three to four months, I will have a beer for you in the sunshine here.

Tim Galpin

Update on Larry Tobin's Stearman C-3B

Posted in Members | December 18, 2009

Larry Tobin in Spokane, WA is making great progress rebuilding his Stearman C-3B. Larry thinks it will fly again summer 2010.

Update on Addison Pemberton's Custom Cabin Waco Project

Posted in Members | December 18, 2009

Addison Pemberton's Custom Cabin Waco project is coming along: "As you know 100’s and 100’s of hours making little things, then bang progress in one week. We have the airplane well on its way back together. I have the R760-E2 back from overhaul and the test cell fresh and spanky. I have the gear rebuilt and the tail group ailerons and lower wings now ready for cover. Wendy will be sticky soon with super seam. We are well into new fuse wood, top and belly installed and will have the new sides finished in a few months. I really plan to go fairing crazy and make it look real slippery. I will keep this airplane a long time as it is dentined to become my Blakesburg commuter."

HELP: Slideshow and Contest of Project Photos on

Posted in News | December 15, 2009

Tired of winter already? Need some inspiration to get you into the shop and working on that antique/classic? Well just in time for the Christmas Holidays is Brent Taylor Productions' current video, "HELP". Along with this video comes a challenge:

"HELP" features antiques, classics, replicas and homebuilts in need of and currently being restored/built by our members from around the country. It's two and half minutes long and contains 43 pictures of 38 distinct make and model aircraft. All these aircraft, with the exception of one easily identifiable homebuilt, have been featured on

So the first person to correctly identify, in the proper order, all 38 distinct make and model aircraft featured in "HELP" will receive the last available set of wings from the 2008 "Air Mail Days"! So sit back, enjoy the video, peruse the website and send your answers to

Brent Taylor

Restoration Center Donors since mid-November

Posted in Members | December 15, 2009

Thanks to these new donors since November 12 to the Restoration and Maintenance Center project at Antique Airfield:

Steve Curcio John Curcio Robert A. Kuhns
Chuck Doyle Robert McCorkle Jim & Lauri McDaniel
Harriet Quimby Amelia Earhart Orville Wright
Wilbur Wright Cam Blazer Lowell & Lynn Solterman
Jim & Dixie Igou Robert Foltz EAA Chapter 29 (in memory of Earl "Skeezix" Adkisson)
Rex A. Yoakam Raymond E. Robinson John E. Laughter
Fred C. Ellsworth Jim Jones (APM Trustee) Jim Fowler
David A. Helgerson    

You too can support the Restoration Center and become an Antique Airfield Ambassador with a square foot of the center in your name. Click on the interactive map below to see unclaimed feet, and to make an online donation!