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Meyers Flight Return from Flabob to Newton, IA

Posted in Members | June 21, 2009

The Meyers crew had a great time at Flabob, incluing a trip to the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino, a maintenance session with Al Halloway (who rebuilt the engine in Chuck's Meyers), an awards dinner at the EAA Chapter I hangar where our crew received the acclaimed "Tired Butt" honors, Chuck received the Flagship Award for the Best Meyers OTW in attendance, a fund-raising auction conducted by Marv, and lots of laughs with old and new friends. Meyers owner Dean Siracusa shared with additional photos of the fly-in.

Al Halloway at the Meyers Fly-In
Al Halloway conducting an expert maintenance session at the Fly-In.

Three ship Meyers formation on departure from Flabob.

Our crew departed Flabob Sunday June 15th and flew in outstanding conditions to Buckeye to overnight and relax all day today at the "Milton Hilton." Jim's propeller was causing vibrations throughout his aircraft, so Becky shipped a new propeller from Iowa which was installed Tuesday morning. The crew retraced their original flight path on the homeward journey, proceeding from Buckeye to Casa Grande to thank guardian angels Pat Robertson and her daughters for their help on the trip out.

The crew departed on schedule to Casa Grande and stayed with Pat Robertson after buzzing her farm to let her know they were on the way. Jim and Mike explored the cotton farm, shooting rabbits and whatever else crossed their path (with the exception of the 8 dogs that also make their home here at the cotton farm — one of which is a tripod!) Jim's airplane flew smoothly with the new propeller.

At the request of readers here are some photos of Chuck's close call in the desert at Casa Grande.

The guardian angels/rescue squad - The Robertsons, who appeared with cold drinks for the repair operation and hospitality for the night.

Close Call: the gully Chuck neatly avoided.

Three Meyers OTW's left Casa Grande Wednesday morning, following smooches all around from the cotton queen Pat Robertson! (Mikie was quartered in the Barbie Room, not sure about the others!) This cotton farm has been in the family for three generations, and totals over 3,000 acres. The Casa Grande Dispatch Newspaper reported the event.

Flying was tough with winds out of the west and ground speed of 120+ mph at times. The guys "rode hard" and spent the thing in Deming. On Thursday there were four legs flown with 5.4 total hours, from Deming, NM to Big Spring, Texas, following I-10, passing semi's all along the route. Ground speed varied from 70 mph to 105 mph, altitude from 4,500 to 7,000 feet.

Mike split off in Van Horn, Texas, planning to go through Carlsbad and on up to Clovis and home base. Jim and Chuck outran a Texas thundershower on their way into Big Spring, where the planes are were safely hangared out of the storm. Chuck commended Jim on his excellent navigational skills, proudly calling him an "astute airman."

"Miles and Miles" - flying in the desert.

On Friday June 19 the boys reached El Dorado, Kansas, in mostly pleasant, "uneventful" flying. Chuck says this section of Texas landscape looks like the back of a rattlesnake, mottled with depressions and mesas. Possible landing sites are hard to find in this desolate, uninhabited section of America.

Going through El Dorado on the outward journey, our crew met Jo and Todd Peterson who have a business at the El Dorado airport, modifying Cessnas. Jim and Chuck met up with them for dinner and talked aviation and airshows. Chuck said he is happy and energized by this adventure, as he and his crew are making friends across the country, flying long distances in great antique airplanes, and having fun living the aviator's life.

Mike arrived safely in Clovis, where he will spend a day or two, then head on to meet up with Ton Cavenagh and Vicki in Lawton, then on to Tennessee to put his plane to rest for awhile.

Chuck and Jim arrived in Newton Iowa on Saturday June 20 after 4.5 hours of hard flying. The crew is ready for a rest!

Tim Lunceford's Heath Parasol Project

Posted in Members | June 21, 2009

Tim Lunceford's Heath Parasol project, in Albany OR. Tim's a Heath afficianado with a Parasol, a flying Center-Wing racer, and he's starting work on a Cannonball replica.

Heath Parasol

Heath Parasol

Original Heath paint scheme

Original Heath paint scheme

Greg Herrick's Second Ford Tri-Motor Project

Posted in Members | June 21, 2009

Greg Herrick in Minneapolis just sent pictures of the 2nd Ford Tri-motor he is having rebuilt. Greg says that they need ground adjustable props for the 450 P&Ws in order to complete the project. If anybody has a lead please contact him via Aircraft Owner at

This is Mike Westveer, the restoration project manager.

New Antique Airfield Runway Issue

Posted in News | June 21, 2009

The new issue of Antique Airfield Runway is at the printers and will be mailed around July 4th. It's time to register for the 2009 Fly-In, Corporate Wings, September 2-7.

Cover of Antique Airfield Runway July 2009 Issue

Stinson "O" Replica Project

Posted in Members | June 21, 2009

Brad Poling sent in a report in a Stinson "O" replica project:

Stinson Model O

Completion of the replica Stinson "O" replica is on schedule for a first flight before the year end 2009. Jeff Paulson at Evergreen Aviation Services has kept a smooth and steady hand on the project. Avoidance of down time thru careful pre-planning, work flow scheduling, and an extensive background in vintage aeroplanes have moved the project along quickly. This is no small feat when building a "reverse engineered" seventy seven year old aircraft.

Stinson Model O

The basic airframe is complete with controls and seats installed. The fuselage woodwork is finished, and sheet metal is close to completion. The R-680 and prop have been overhauled. The UC-78 cowling will soon have blisters (made by Bud Hays of Lowell, IN) installed. The instrument panels have been cut, and the overhauled "Pioneer" instruments will soon be in Scappoose. Covering of the flight surfaces is underway at this time.

Stinson Model O

I would like to thank Bob and Brent Taylor for the interest and encouragement they have provided us on this project. Their nationwide contacts have made it possible for us to network and find solutions to problems that arise on a project of this nature.

For those Stinson SR-5 restorers, we have some components available;

  • One complete fuselage truss
  • Front & rear seats with all new gray leather upholstery and a new headliner
  • Door frames, control column & the flap trim system

If you're interested in any of the above or have any info (historical, technical, pictures etc.) on the Stinson "O" please contact me at

Casa Grande 2009 Report

Posted in Chapter News | June 21, 2009

Casa Grand Banner

While many in aviation - owners, pilots, enthusiasts plus the aviation press - sing the praises of Lakeland's Sun N' Fun airshow as the sport aviation season opener, the antique airplane community more accurately recognizes the Cactus Fly-in in Casa Grande, AZ as the fly-in bellwether for the upcoming season.

Occurring annually the first weekend in March each year, it not only precedes the Lakeland event by over a month it is also much older, with the 2009 event being it's 51st.

Les Whittlesey's Grand Champion Lockheed 12
Les Whittlesey's Grand Champion Lockheed 12.

Patrick Donovan's Lockheed 12
Patrick Donovan, from Tucson, had just flown his Lockheed 12 home from New Zealand the week before the fly-in.

The Cactus Fly-in draws antiques, classics, warbirds, neo-classics and homebuilts from all over the southwest US. It also attracts quite a number of "snowbirds" from the midwest, anxious to soak up some sun, warmth, meet with old friends and see some antique airplanes flying.

Once again in 2009, Fly-in Chairman Terry Emig, his wife Michele and their legion of volunteers from the Arizona chapter of the AAA and the local EAA chapter, arranged for beautiful weather, a great group of aircraft and antiquers and a safe event. As one whom has a bit of experience as a fly-in chairman, fly-ins like Casa Grande that run so smooth and seamless are a testament to the leadership and hard work of those in charge as well as those volunteering their time to help.

So to all those fine folks that make the Cactus Fly-in such a relaxing and enjoyable event, "Thank You" very much.


But what about the airplanes?? Well there certainly were some fine and interesting aircraft in attendance. Highlights included three Lockheed 12's, a very rare sight indeed. They included Joe Shepard's from Fayetteville, GA, Les Whittlesey's from Coto de Casa, CA and Patrick Donovan's from Tucson though Patrick had just flown the airplane home from New Zealand the week before!

Joe Ciabattoni's Stinson SR-7 from Upland, CA
Joe Ciabattoni's Stinson SR-7 from Upland, CA.

Also on hand, Bruce Dickenson's hybrid Howard, "Mr Dickenson", whose performance was nothing short of impressive. Then there was "Mustang" guru Bob Odegard in a polished P-51, the Super Corsair, Bamboo Bomber, Grumman Widgeon & Albatross, Lee and Carolyn Jones's highly polished Twin Beech from Alaska, the Hickman's in their Buckers from San Diego, lots of Stearmans, Ercoupes and homebuilts along with a wide variety of other aircraft.

Start making plans to attend the 52nd Annual Cactus Fly-in March 5-6, 2010. You know the Fly-in that really kicks of the fly-in season!

Mr Dickenson hybrid Howard from Santa Paula
From Santa Paula, CA, Bruce Dickenson’s hybrid Howard, the P&W R-1340 powered "Mr. Dickenson".

New Standard 1929 Factory Photos

Posted in News | June 21, 2009

Here are two pictures of the New Standard, Paterson, NJ factory showing a Mo. D25 being built, and also a D29 Trainer at Teterboro, NJ, both taken in the year 1929. Richard Koman sent us the photos, and his Dad is in both of the pictures!

New Standard Factory showing D25 under construction, Paterson NJ 1929

New Standard D29 Trainer, Teterboro NJ 1929

David Baumbach's New Boeing P12 Project

Posted in Members | June 21, 2009

David Baumbach sent in some photos of his newly acquired Boeing P12 project. David says:

David Baumbach's Boeing P12 Project

We purchased it from an aircraft broker, It was built by the late Tom Crowder in Santa Paula CA . I believe he started building it in the late seventies and finished it in 1985. It has a lot of original parts on it, and has original 1340 Pratt 550 HP and Hamilton standard ground adjustable prop but is registered experimental. It spent most of its recent life in the hanger but was dragged out and used in the film The Aviator. That’s about all I know about its history. We have been checking it over and believe it will be airworthy and hope to fly it. The P12 are slow but have a very strong rate of climb, and are very strong.

P12 on trailer

P12 Wings

Nebraska Chapter June Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | June 21, 2009
Here's the Nebraska Chapter June Newsletter.

See all the Chapter Newsletters.

Meyers Flight Arrives at Flabob

Posted in Members | June 12, 2009

Our crew landed safely in Flabob Thursday night around 6 p.m. local time, making a three-ship pass down the runway to announce arrival. Very windy flying during today’s 5+ hour flight. All are settled in for a few days of well-deserved rest and comraderie at the annual Meyers Fly-In.

The Youtube video link below is from Barry's video on Monday, June 8, enroute to Big Spring, Texas.