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Aero-TV Video of Tom Huf and His Bamboo Bomber

Posted in Members | February 02, 2010

Tom Huf was interviewed by Aero-TV at the 2009 Blakesburg Fly-In:

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Dan Linn's Blog: Rare Ryan Flying Again

Posted in Members | February 01, 2010
This article is from Dan Linn's Blog Another Time, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

A week ago I finally laid eyes on the rare Ryan ST I had heard about for years. Reb Stimson, fellow Texas Chapter member of the Antique Airplane Assoc., has owned NC14986 since 1974 and recently brought this Ryan back to flying condition. A few years ago Reb told me about his Ryan ST and his plan to return it to the air.  Almost every time I saw him I would ask about the status of the Ryan. At our January members meeting Reb said it was back in his hangar in flying condition. With a few phone calls I arranged a meeting. I just had to see the ship with my own eyes! The Ryan STA is on my top ten favorite airplane list. My father-in-law took the afternoon to join me in visiting the prized Ryan. What a beautiful ship and an amazing restoration! Hats off to Reb and his persistence to see the restoration through to completion! Posted here is a photo of it tucked away in the hangar. When the weather warms up I hope to see this bird out and about in the blue skies!

Don Parsons' Blog: 01-31 Front seat and Gear

Posted in Members | February 01, 2010
This article is from Don Parsons' Blog Flying Antique Airplanes, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

Sky went out to help me work on the Cub again today. It's getting more difficult as he has hobbies/school activities to do, so his time to help is getting more valuable. He helped me finish putting in the front seat and tightening the bolts and then he put washers/castle nuts on all the gear attach fittings while I ironed down tape edges on the tail.

Now you're probably wondering just how long I'm going to spend ironing tape edges. Good question. What you probably don't know is that I was unhappy with my first effort in taping the trailing edges of the rudder and elevators, so I took off the tapes, cut new ones and put them on this week. Glenn can't paint them until the end of this week at the earliest anyway, so no big rush.

Dan Linn's Blog: How to Research Vintage Aircraft

Posted in Members | January 31, 2010
This article is from Dan Linn's Blog Another Time, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on
Using today's modern technology to research vintage aircraft has brought a lot of material to your fingertips.  In the past we have spent most of our time flipping through pages in books, magazines, manuals and photographs.  But unless you have access to a large collection of books and magazines you may never run across the details you were after.

Searching for specific aircraft types
May I suggest the simple Google search.  Open up your handy internet browser (we recommend Mozilla's Firefox) and type in and a simple window will display on your screen.  In the box in the middle of the screen type in "Spartan Executive."  A list of web sites will show up on your screen.  Click on as many that look related to the rare aircraft you are searching.  (yes... my web site may come up on the Spartan Executive... enjoy!) Try typing in some other rare types and see what comes up.  You will be surprised how much material is on the internet.
While you are on the Google search page be sure to select "Images" in the upper left portion of your screen.  A page (or many pages) full of images will appear on what you entered in the search.

Looking for a specific aircraft
Visit the "Aircraft Information Center" at and you will have the ability to search for the owner or N number of a specific aircraft.

Researching details of a rare vintage type
An outstanding resource for specification on rare aircraft types is available on Click on the image on the main page to enter.  I would start on "Aircraft A-Z" on the left hand menu.  BINGO!  Click on a manufacturers name and look up the type you are after.  Some rare types are listed here along with great pictures.  I use this site as a source of specs and pictures for my blog.

On the prowl for rare books
The internet is THE place to hunt for rare aviation books.  I would start at  The first screen comes up with a search box ready for you.  Author and title awaiting you entry.  I cant tell you how many times friends have mentioned books to me they say are VERY rare and that you will never find a copy.  Well... I find them and more of the time they can be found on Book Finder!

These few pointers I have recommended are just the begining!  I will post soon on where to search for vintage aircraft photos!  Forums, museums and a host of other resources are available... so, where do you do your research?  What web sites do you use?

Antique Airfield is on Facebook

Posted in News | January 31, 2010

Are you on Facebook? Search for the Antique Airfield fan page, and add yourself as a fan!

Terry Bowden has, and he posted a great picture of a Robin at Antique Airfield in 1985.

Steve Quick's Fairchild 24 Confirmed for Iowa Centenary of Flight

Posted in News | January 31, 2010

Steve Quick of Wichita, KS has confirmed that he'll be bringing his Fairchild 24 to the Iowa Centenary of Flight fly-in as a featured Fairchild aircraft.

Colorado Chapter February 2010 Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | January 29, 2010
Here's the Colorado Chapter February Newsletter.

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Two Confirmed Fairchild 24s for 2010 Fly-In

Posted in News | January 28, 2010

Two more Fairchilds are confirmed attendees for this year's Blakesburg fly-in, Iowa Centenary of Flight featuring Fairchild Aircraft.

Fairchild 24G NC23E, Skagit Aero Education Museum, Concrete, WA

Fairchild 24J NC19177, Mark Lancaster, Ottumwa, IA

R-985 Powered Stinson V-77 Project

Posted in Members | January 28, 2010

Charlie Gay sent in photos of his Stinson V-77 project, N743PM:

It's moving along. Hopefully flying soon. Wish I could keep this one.

We had to make most of the bump cowl for the R-985. I could salvage enough bumps from wrecked cowls to have some skins to start with. The english wheel and leather slapper work great for dents.

All the framing is new to fit the V-77 firewall mounts. Harbor Freight sells a great tubing rolling machine with three rollers and crank wheel for $180. Really handy for this kind of work.

Going for low drag. No external cowl scoops, all flush rivets and fasteners on the whole airplane. I bonded the cowl skins with AeroPoxy to keep oil from coming through the seams and keep rivets from working in the future.

Carpet edges are not bound yet. We made the chrome steps from raw streamline stock. Bent over a mandrel filled with sand dug up from our field by the river. Pauls Chrome near Pittsburg did the chroming. I highly recommend them.

We can manufacture new gear leg bushings and heat treated internal shock pins if anyone needs them. Pitot tube was found new in the box online.

Charlie Gay

Texas Chapter February Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | January 27, 2010
Here's the Texas Chapter February 2010 Newsletter. Airliner narrowly avoids disaster at Kitty Hill!

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