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Air Mail Days Pins and Air Mail Covers in Short Supply

Posted in News | November 21, 2009

If you want to become an official Air Mail Pilot and have your set of wings, you'd better hurry. There are only four sets of wings left from the 2008 Fly-In, Air Mail Days. Order your set from the Antiquer's Store.

Air Mail Wings Pin

Check the Antiquer's Store for Air Mails Pins. There are also a few Air Mail Days Covers available, but supply is running short. Hurry if you want one of these limited editions.

Don Parsons' Blog: A couple aerial photos.

Posted in Members | November 21, 2009
This article is from Don Parsons' Blog Flying Antique Airplanes, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

I went flying in the Fairchild this afternoon. It was the first nice day we've had in a long time. I took these interesting flood photos while I was up.

Dan Linn's Blog: Antique Aeronautics On My Mind

Posted in Members | November 21, 2009
This article is from Dan Linn's Blog Another Time, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

As the day wore on I had my mind fading from the Learjets and Challengers at work and thinking about vintage Cessnas and Beechcrafts. No more thoughts spent on jets. My mind has wondered off to antique aeronautics!

I left work early to head out to the airport. Hopefully I might catch a few hangars open to see the progress on some antique airplane projects. Ah, good. As I pull into the airport I spot an open hangar. A few minutes are spent looking over a Staggerwing project before I make my way down to my hangar. Looking good. The fuselage, tail surfaces and control surfaces are up thru silver. The owner tells me of paint color options and interior materials. I can almost see the Beech Speed Bird appearing on the fuselage and the smell of leather fills my nose. Maybe she will fly next year sometime, maybe.

The sun is going down so I pull myself away from the Staggerwing and pull the 170 out of the hangar. The engine is running smoothly so we launch off to cruise over some grass strips. Is that Navion still out in the weeds by the lakeside strip? Yep... still there. Wow... look at the size of that mansion down there... it looks like it belongs in India... not North Texas! My thoughts turn towards Richard Halliburton and flying his Stearman C3B, The Flying Carpet, around the world in 1931. He must have flown over some houses like that!

As the sun sets I land and push the 170 back in the hangar. Only 20 minutes in the air but that is enough therapy for today. Well... flying therapy... I have some old magazines to sort back at the house. Wonder if I can find that article on the 1340 powered Staggerwing again?

Skagit Aero's Blog: Top Overhaul On The L-4 Cubby

Posted in Members | November 21, 2009
This article is from Skagit Aero's Blog Skagit Aero Museum, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

One of the airplanes that’s been begging for some attention in the hangar has been our L-4 Cubby. It’s a Wag Aero Cubby that was built in 1993 and has flown much lately. After towing it over to the maintenance hangar we discovered low compression in they cylinders and decided it was time for a top overhaul. All the cylinders are back and we’ve spent the past few days getting the engine back together.


Andy busy pulling cylinders on the Cubby. This plane was painted with Canadian livery to resemble the Flitfire Cubs that were built and sold to customers to support Commonwealth nations before the U.S. entered World War II.


The new top end awaiting assembly and a return to the sky.


Engine reassembly almost finished. We should do an engine start in the next day or two and have the Cubby back in the air soon.


Sights and Sounds from 2009 Fly-In, Part 2 by Dennis Goodrich

Posted in Members | November 16, 2009

Dennis Goodrich has published the second part of his Sights and Sounds video from the 2009 Fly-In. Thanks Dennis!

Bill Knght's Waco RNF Back at Brodhead

Posted in Members | November 16, 2009

Tom Brown just finished rebuilding and returning Bill Knight's Waco RNF. Tom sent us this with photos from Lyman Hatz:

It has been a long hard pull the last two months getting 603Y finished enough to fly out of here and to Brodhead before the onset of cold weather, and or snow. The first 2 weeks of November really cooperated with higher than average temps. Bill test flew it Monday afternoon Nov. 9th about 3:30 p.m. All told we put four flights on her before dark, adjusting and tweaking between flights.

Next morning, Tuesday the 10th we blasted off for Brodhead with me following chase in the Luscombe watching for parts that might fall off. With a stop at Adams/Friendship for a look over and topping off the tanks it was on to Brodhead. The airplane appears to be about 15 mph faster than it was before rebuild. I'm not bragging, after all it was the slowest RNF in the Western hemisphere. I'm just relieved. Now that it's back home, all Bill and his right hand man Scott Burns have to do is finish those last hundred details.

Tom Brown

Dan Linn's Blog: Hamilton Metalplane

Posted in Members | November 15, 2009
This article is from Dan Linn's Blog Another Time, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

Pictured above is a scene right out of the past... A Hamilton loading up for a working flight. The only one of these rare birds was restored back in the 1970's and has been stashed away in a hangar up in the North. Max Haynes has put together a stunning photo essay of the one of a kind Hamilton Metalplane. Take a few minutes to travel back to another time...

Hamilton Metalplane by MaxAir2Air.

Dan Linn's Blog: Red River Swift Fly-in

Posted in Members | November 15, 2009
This article is from Dan Linn's Blog Another Time, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

Enjoyed a full Saturday of flying last weekend. Was able to take family for a short ride in the morning... another blog post on that later... and then flew down to Granbury, Texas in the afternoon for a local Swift Fly-In. I have been a fan of the Globe/Temco Swift for a good many years having worked on one as a job. My good friend Kelly talked me out of buying his nice, stock Swift to show me the 170 that I own. Happy with my choice of the 170 but I do admire the classic Swift. The Red River Swift Wing is an enthusiastic bunch. About fourteen of the slick birds came from around North Texas and even Arizona for the weekend of flying and fun. Locals held dinners and shuttled friends and fellow Swift owners around to the planned events. Thanks, Stan for the invite down... good to see you Janet and Alan! A few of my pictures are here. Stan wrote up a detailed report of the event here. Good times!

Dan Linn's Blog: DH-4 in the National Postal Museum

Posted in Members | November 15, 2009
This article is from Dan Linn's Blog Another Time, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

A friend of mine told me to drop in the National Postal Museum in D.C. so when my wife and I were there last week we went by. It was a treat to see three vintage aircraft hanging in the main display hall. A Stinson SR-9 and DH-4 and a Curtiss Pusher hang from the ceiling. Pictured is the DH-4. More pictures to come from our recent trip to Washington.

David Pablo Cohn's Skyranger Restoration

Posted in Members | November 13, 2009

David Pablo Cohn has updated us on the restoration of his Rearwin Skyranger NC33395:

Some of you may know that, after 3.5 years of having '395 sit down in Hollister, I turned the project over to Andrew Turpen et al at Bud Field Aviation up in Calaveras. In the two weeks they've had it, they've already made huge progress.

David flying the tailfeathers to Calaveras.

If you want to follow the project as it goes, I'm keeping a photo album (mostly of pictures Andrew's sending me) at my Picasa site.

I'm tickled pink with how it's going.