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2010 Fly-In Theme: Iowa's Centenary of Flight, Featuring Fairchild Aircraft

Posted in News | January 25, 2010

2008 & 2009 have been banner years for the annual AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in here at Antique Airfield over the Labor Day weekend. Near perfect weather both years plus an outstanding group of antique, classic, warbird, neo-classic and homebuilt aircraft have made for some memorable times.

But 2010 has arrived and it's time to start planning for our annual celebration of flight here at Antique Airfield.

This year we've decided to join with other aviation events in Iowa by celebrating 100 years of aviation in Iowa, "Iowa's Centenary of Flight." For a taste of what Iowa aviation can be, here's a short video preview of the Blakesburg fly-in:

Greg Herrick's Fairchild FC-2
Greg Herrick has promised to attend in his Fairchild FC-2

D.J. Short's OX-5 powered KR-31
D.J. Short will be returning from Warrensburg, MO in his OX-5 powered KR-31, the 2009 AAA/APM Grand Champion Antique

Eric Presten's Bleriot Replica
Eric Presten, Schellville,CA plans to be in attendance with his Rotec radial powered, wing warped controlled Bleriot replica.

Wisconsin Chapter January Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | January 25, 2010

Here's the Wisconsin Chapter's January newsletter. Note that the next chapter meeting is a Chili lunch this Saturday the 30th at Wausau Downtown Airport. There will be a ski runway weather permitting. Details are in the newsletter.

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An Aeronca KCA Restored and Blakesburg 2009 Visit

Posted in Members | January 25, 2010

Robert Greenwall sent us a new feature article, the story of the restoration of his Aeronca KCA, which he then took to Blakesburg in 2009:

Metal pole buildings have long replaced barns as the preferred structure for Nebraska farmers and ranchers, but I shamelessly describe my experience of discovery in the classical way..."it was found in a barn!"

Nebraska Chapter January Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | January 25, 2010

Here's the Nebraska Chapter January 2010 Newsletter. There's a chapter meeting this coming weekend, Sunday Jan 21, 2010, at Columbus, Nebraska.

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Stinson "O" Replica First Taxi Video

Posted in News | January 25, 2010

Video of the first taxi test of the Stinson Model O replica at Evergreen Aviation Services, from January 18.

Dan Linn's Blog: 20 Years

Posted in Members | January 24, 2010
This article is from Dan Linn's Blog Another Time, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

My Mom reminded me that this week is the 20th Anniversary of my first solo. Amazing how fast 20 years flys by! It was an overcast day at Northwest Regional Airport (52F) in Roanoke, Texas. The winds shifted from the South to the North right before my flight. My instructor Bill Lemmon rode with me for two or three landings and then told me to stop on the taxi way. Stop? Where was HE going? His words to me before he closed the door was something like... "you will do fine.... but watch out for the dummies out there flying around." The excitement built as I taxied the Cessna 150 down for takeoff. It jumped off the ground and I grinned. Three landings and I parked it. I was sixteen and I flew an airplane. At the time I remember dreaming of what vintage airplane I would buy as my first airplane. A year and two months later I would take my checkride. Eight months after my checkride I would purchase my 1946 Taylorcraft. Time flies!

Ryan Georgi's Blog: With that tweaked around, and all the other things I did last month, I almost don't recognize the old gal!

Posted in Members | January 20, 2010
This article is from Ryan Georgi's Blog Latest Flying Adventure, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on
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Don Parsons' Blog: 01-19 Cub Progress - It's on the gear!

Posted in Members | January 20, 2010
This article is from Don Parsons' Blog Flying Antique Airplanes, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

I thought we were going to do this tomorrow. But things were going so well, we hoisted boo-boo up and had her walk on her own three wheels. I'm just besides myself in disbelief.

More Shelf Space for the APM Library of Flight

Posted in News | January 18, 2010

While the past several months have been taken up with fund raising and planning for the future APM Restoration Center, other projects have also been ongoing here at the APM.

One of those was the need for more shelving in the APM "Library of Flight".

APM President Mike Gretz had been working on the planning for the location and construction of a much needed additional book case in the library. It was important for this new book case to reflect the design of those already in place and so with that in mind a small group of volunteers descended on the library to get this additional shelving built.

Saturday morning (Jan 16th) found Mike Lossner, Steve Adkisson, Mark Lancaster and yours truly meeting in Blakesburg for a hearty breakfast. Once back at Antique Airfield we were joined by Mike Gretz and Ben Taylor. All manor of saws, hammers, screw drivers, measuring devices and other implements of construction appeared from the back of pick-ups and the construction process began. Other than a break for lunch, prepared by Marcy Taylor, the construction crew kept up a steady pace with the goal of having the shelves built and trimmed before days end.

Even with a few interruptions including visits by RLT, Harve Applegate and Les Gaskill, as well as a couple of extra trips back to Menards, the eighteen foot long by four foot high set of shelves were indeed completed and ready for sanding, stain and paint by days end.

"Thanks" go to the construction crew as mentioned above, Marcy Taylor for keeping us all feed and watered, and to Scott Fisher and Mike Gretz for their donations to help get this project done.

Brent Taylor

How Many Pilots Does it Take to Laminate a Spar?

Posted in Members | January 17, 2010

Russell Williams sent photos of a spar lamination party held for the rear spar of his 1929 St. Louis Cardinal in Auburn WA. The Cardinal has a one-piece wing so the spar is rather long, and 10 fellow pilots and restorers assisted with the glue-up.

Pre-flight briefing with demonstrations of how to mix and apply epoxy.

Rehearsal of the flip and positioning of the top ply.

Slathering on the epoxy. Next time don't use cheap brushes from Harbor Freight - too many brush hairs coming out!

Positioning the top ply for real.

Homemade clamps for a 36' table.

Unheated hangars and epoxy don't mix. Setting up a heat retention tent for holding in heat from space heaters.

The entire crew with the silver worm from outer space.