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Meyers Flight Eventful Tuesday/Wednesday Update

Posted in Members | June 10, 2009

It has been a busy and eventful couple of days for the Meyers flight to Flabob:

A long flying day was had by our crew Tuesday: 7.5 hours total airtime. Aircraft were safely hangared Monday night out of the way of thumb-sized hail and rain. Meyers OTW #80 - N34335, with Rick and Donny as pilot and crew, became disabled in Haskill, Texas, and will be unable to complete the trip.

Donny was safely sent, via commercial carrier, to visit relatives in California. Rick's partner is driving a trailer to pick up disabled bi-plane and return it home for repairs.

Jim, Chuck, and Mike continued on from Big Spring, Texas through Pecos, Van Horn, El Paso and on to Deming, New Mexico for the night. The crew is holding up well, and Chuck says he is surprising everyone (especially himself!) with his stamina.

Chuck experienced an unusual occurence leaving El Paso, on the way to Deming. He heard an engine noise, determined he could continue flying, and upon landing in Deming, discovered a spark plug in #4 cylinder had separated into two parts. Repair was effected Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday the goal was Buckeye, AZ. Approximately three miles south of a scheduled stop at Casa Grande, AZ, around 2 p.m., Chuck's plane experienced a loss of power and he landed safely on a pipeline easement, on hardpacked desert sand, on the Robertson cotton farm. No injuries to either the airplane or to Chuck. Jim had already landed at Casa Grande, and was picked up by the Robertsons and driven to Chuck's landing site. Mechanics are on hand, with Jim Jones running the repair operation. It appears, at this report, that an intake valve is stuck on #5 cylinder. It is likely that repairs can be made and the trip will continue tomorrow.

The Robertsons have graciously offered to host both Chuck and Jim for the night at their farm, have provided a car, and are planning a barbeque for their last-minute guests. Mike and Tom were already on their way to Buckeye, where they will spend the night.

The Meyers' Adventurers made the front page of the Newton, Iowa daily paper:

Gene Morris' Culver Cadet

Posted in Members | June 10, 2009

Gene Morris just finished a Culver Cadet: "Hi Guys, hope to get up to Blakesburg this year. My son just finished one also, same paint job. How 'bout that?"

Gene Morris' Culver Cadet

Oklahoma Chapter Fly-In Photos

Posted in Chapter News | June 10, 2009

Glenn Smith from the Oklahoma Chapter sent us this report on their recent fly-in:

Our fly-in was a huge success! We had 46 airplanes present and over 200 people came thru the gates. We served 40 pancake breakfast plates, the Kiwanis served over 165 hamburgers at lunch, and our steak night had 51 attendees. Needless to say we are elated! Mother Nature dealt winds of 17 gust to 25 and in spite of that we still had that kind of a turn out for our first fly-in in many years. I believe the Oklahoma Chapter is back on track.

Oklahoma Chapter fly-in attendance

Still a lot of work to do and this was definitely a learning experience for us. We had a fly market, ground transportation around the field and a band in the evening. It looks like we are good for the first weekend in June from here on out.

Looks like a good fly-mart:

Oklahoma Chapter Fly-mart

Building with resurrected sign!

New chapter building with resurrected sign

Wisconsin Chapter June Fly-In and Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | June 10, 2009

Here's the Wisconsin Chapter's June newsletter. Note that the next chapter fly-in is this Sunday the 14th at Durand, WI (WI25). Details are in the newsletter.

See all the Chapter Newsletters.

Air Mail Covers Selling Out! Get Your Orders In Now

Posted in News | June 10, 2009

The commemorative Air Mail Days covers from the 2008 Fly-In are selling out. If you'd like to get one of these limited editions please check the online order store.

There are only 10 left of the Boeing Model 40 cover, originating at Iowa City to Antique Airfield.

Boeing Model 40 cover, originating at IOW to Antique Airfield

While you're thinking about ordering stuff, how about an authentic, logo'ed Pilot's Pub beer cozy?

Georgia Chapter Fly-in Photos

Posted in Chapter News | June 10, 2009

Photos of the Georgia Chapter Fly-in held June 6 at Candler Field. Photo credit to David Cox.

Pretty looking Davis D-1

Socializing at the Fly-In

Flip starting the Champ

Curtiss Robin

What's Going On at the APM?

Posted in News | June 08, 2009

What's going on these days at the APM??? Stay tuned for an exciting announcement shortly!

What's going on at the APM?

Second Generation Antiquer David Bates Solos Stearman

Posted in Members | June 08, 2009

After earning his Instrument rating last spring, and working on his Commercial license, 21 year old David Bates has also been taking dual with Morris Riggins, an ex Red Barron/Schwann’s pilot. After a few hours, David is now signed off and flying the Stearman solo. Congratulations!

David is the son of AAA members Peggy and Dave Bates. This particular highly customized 450 Stearman was based at NAS Ottumwa during WWII.

David Bates after his solo in a 450 HP Stearman

Horn Point Fly-In Headquarter's Choice Award Winning Waco RNF

Posted in News, Chapter News | June 08, 2009

Poor weather dampened the turnout at the Horn Point Fly-in of the Potomac Antique Aero Squadron Chapter. Anne Fichera reports that there were about 20 airplanes in attendance. Joe Kaminskas' Waco RNF, NC859V, wont the AAA trophy. Joe's an AAA member M77446 and a PAAS member.

Joe Kaminskas's Waco RNF

This airplane is just out of John & Scott Shue's shop having had a complete restoration. Joe has owned it for 11-1/2 years. This airplane also won the Grand Champion Antique Award.

Joe Kaminskas with his plane

Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH Instrument Panel

Posted in Members | June 08, 2009

Beautiful work! The panel is destined for Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH.

Instrument Panel for Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH