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Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH Project

Posted in Members | September 28, 2009

Dan Cullman at Crest Airpark in Covington, WA has his Bellanca CH project on it's early-style shock cord landing gear. He's working on final rig and cowling sheet metal prior to covering. It won't be long until fabric goes on.

Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH Project

Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH Project

Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH Project

Bunky Larson's Stinson Jr. S

Posted in News | September 28, 2009

Bunky Larson brought his Stinson Jr. S to the Paine Field (Everett, WA) Vintage Aircraft Weekend this past weekend. There was a good turnout of warbirds and antiques hosted by the Puget Sound Antique Airplane Club and the Cascade Warbirds.

Stinson Jr. S

Living the Legend Video Re-Posted

Posted in News | September 28, 2009

Since there's a new video page here on, I've re-posted the Living the Legend Video, which is a professionally shot mini-documentary on the real Antique Airfield.

Three Generations of the Grimm Family Flying at Blakesburg 2009

Posted in News | September 21, 2009

Bob Grimm is one of the people who keep the Blakesburg fly-in running smoothly. Bob's the flagger at the end of the runway. This year at the fly-in a special event occurred for Bob:

During a lull in the action Saturday evening. I got the opportunity to take a break from flagging (whew!) and take my 3 1/2 year old grandson Gabe Henze for his first ever airplane ride.

Three Generations of the Grimm Family flying at Blakesburg

We thought about working in a ride for sometime during the fly-in just because it would hold a real significance for us, but things just weren't working out. Well I still don't know how, but that evening the planets aligned and the right moment, the right conditions, and the right airplane were just there.

My daughter put Gabe on her lap in the front seat of the very same J3 Cub that she got her first airplane ride in many, many moons before, and off we went! Thus, we were three generations sharing a beautiful Iowa summers evening in the skies. My Grandson was absolutely giddy, the air was smooooth, the view was amazing... and even my landing was good!!! Who could ask for more!?

Our family's third generation took wing for the first time at Blakesburg. Cool huh!

Bob Grimm

P.S. Gabe is the grand-nephew of Brent and Marcy Taylor. Newest flagman in training!

First Flight of Inter-Island Airways Bellanca CH-300

Posted in News | September 21, 2009

The Inter-Island Airways Bellanca CH-300, took to the air for a first flight after several years of rebuild. Inter-Island Airways is the forerunner of Hawaiian Airlines, and the Bellanca is heading to it's new old home in Honolulu to celebrate Hawaiian's 80th anniversary in October. John Pike (former owner) and Bruce Clemens (Hawaiian Airlines pilot) flying.

Beech 18 Formation Flying

Posted in Members | September 21, 2009

Chuck Doyle and Matt Younkin got some great formation flying in on their way to the 2009 Fly-In. Click the photos for enlargements. Photos by Adam Glowaski.

Colorado Chapter October 2009 Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | September 21, 2009

Here's the Colorado Chapter October Newsletter, The Flyer.

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Pitcairn Autogiro Takeoff Video

Posted in Members | September 21, 2009

To go with his still photos, Rob Bach also took a video of the Pitcairn Autogiro taking off. There are also some Slo-Mo versions if you're interested, click on the related videos at the end of this video.

APM SeaBee Update: Two Steps Forward, One Back

Posted in News | September 21, 2009

The dance to get the APM's SeaBee flying and home from Charles City, IA continues. APM Director Mark Robotti had spent the weekend before the AAA/APM fly-in at Charles City attending to the left over items to get the "bee" finished up. While he was able to get the "Bee" started it would not remain running.

SeaBee with APM Director Mark Robotti

At the AAA/APM Fly-in this matter was discussed with several experienced Franklin and SeaBee owner/mechanics. It was thought that the trouble most likely pointed to problems with the dual fuel pumps that provide fuel to the 215hp Franklin engine that powers the SeaBee.

The Franklin Comes to Life!

Flash ahead to Sep. 19th. Yours truly along with Cliff Hatz and Mark Robotti rendezvoused in Charles City and began to explore the problem. As it turns out the fuel flow problem was a combination of plugged vents and some problems with the gasculator. These were quickly remedied and the "Bee" came to life. After a lunch break we again ran the "Bee", taxied it a bit as well, and proceeded to accomplish a compression check and oil change. Once completed the airplane was buttoned up and taxi tests in anticipation of test flying the aircraft were undertaken. Those taxi tests were going well until the tail wheel tube and tire failed.

SeaBee Taxi Tests

Now for the interesting part. Of course this had to happen as far away from the hangar/shop as possible so the airport tug was recruited to tow the "Bee" back to the hangar. We tried mounting the flattened tailwheel assembly on a board to act as a skid but that did not work well. After careful examination we determined that if done slowly, the airplane could be towed on the ruined tire and tube with no more damage to the wheel than already had been done. So slowly the airport tug began the trip back to the hangars with the "Bbee" in tow. About halfway back another "situation" arose when the tug ran out of fuel!! A quick trip to get fuel for the tug proved to be fruitless as it refused to start (must be another fuel pump problem). So now we have the SeaBee and the tug stuck on the taxiway. What to do ? Why call Redneck Aircraft Towing Services Inc. of course.

Mustang sharing the ramp

Redneck Aircraft Towing Services

The SeaBee is once again in the hangar at Charles City and we plan a return shortly with a new 10 SC wheel, tire and tube to install and at last get the "Bee" back in the air.

Brent Taylor

P.S. By the way, the identity of the PIC for the above taxi tests shall remain anonomous. All I will say is that I was taking the pictures!

New Videos Feature

Posted in News | September 21, 2009 has published videos for more than a year, but it has been hard to find videos as they scrolled off the bottom of the homepage. Troubles no longer! On the left menu there's now a Videos link which will take you a preview of all the videos on the site. Enjoy!

Link to Antique Airfield Videos