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Larry DeCamp's Rose Parakeet 106 First Flight

Posted in Members | October 02, 2009

Larry DeCamp's Rose Parakeet

Saturday September 19 was the big day. After 18 years of research, letters, job changes and house moves it finally flies. It is very solid and responsive. The little A40 is pretty "peppy" due to the light weight (464 lb) of the aircraft. The CG was exactly on the specified location, yet it takes a little forward stick to keep things level. I have heard this is a consistent Parrakeet characteristic that I am gradually trimming out with horizontal stabilizer incidence.

Credits to Larry Kite for the great photo coverage! We are grateful to White Construction for a place to pursue the dream. Thanks to all who have helped and supported us over the years.

Larry DeCamp

Larry DeCamp's Rose Parakeet

Larry DeCamp's Rose Parakeet

Larry DeCamp's Rose Parakeet

Aero-TV's Video on Blakesburg 2009

Posted in News | October 02, 2009

Aero-TV has published a video of Blakesburg 2009:

Gail and Doedo Schipper's Bücker Featured in Warbirds International Magazine

Posted in News | October 02, 2009

Gail and Doedo Schipper's Bücker Jungmann is featured in an article in the November 2009 issue of Warbirds International magazine. The Schipper's Jungmann was almost constantly flying during the 2009 Fly-In and is nicely done recent restoration. The article is by photographer and AAA member Gilles Auliard.

2009 AAA/APM Fly-In Statistics

Posted in News | September 29, 2009

By any count the 2009 AAA/APM Fly-in was an outstanding success. From the weather, to the number of outstanding aircraft, to the people attending it was a safe, fun and satisfying event. One of the most oft-asked questions during the week is "What's the airplane count?" Well following are the official figures for the week as compiled by our chief statistician, APM Director Steve Butler. Once Steve turns over his figures we justify the count by comparing his list to photos and the fly-in registrations. Steve does an outstanding job and proof is his less than one tenth of one percent error rate in compiling these figures.

Antique Airfield nearly full of airplanes!

Total Aircraft 367 351 in 2008
Display Aircraft 314 299 in 2008
Biplanes 75 76 in 2008
Radial Powered 89 79 in 2008
Pratt & Whitney Powered 27 Total of 31 engines
Inline Powered 10 12 in 2008
Multi Engine 5 5 in 2008
Theme Aircraft
Howard Aircraft 14 Including "Mr. Mulligan"
"Corporate Wings" Aircraft 11  
Other Aircraft
Cessna (display) 51 51 in 2008
Homebuilt 39 46 in 2008
Piper (display) 36 37 in 2008
Aeronca 26 18 in 2008
Boeing Stearman 19 19 in 2008
Luscombe 19 31 in 2008
Waco 17 11 in 2008
Taylorcraft 14 Including 4 L-2/DCO
Fairchild 8 7 in 2008

Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH Project

Posted in Members | September 28, 2009

Dan Cullman at Crest Airpark in Covington, WA has his Bellanca CH project on it's early-style shock cord landing gear. He's working on final rig and cowling sheet metal prior to covering. It won't be long until fabric goes on.

Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH Project

Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH Project

Dan Cullman's Bellanca CH Project

Bunky Larson's Stinson Jr. S

Posted in News | September 28, 2009

Bunky Larson brought his Stinson Jr. S to the Paine Field (Everett, WA) Vintage Aircraft Weekend this past weekend. There was a good turnout of warbirds and antiques hosted by the Puget Sound Antique Airplane Club and the Cascade Warbirds.

Stinson Jr. S

Living the Legend Video Re-Posted

Posted in News | September 28, 2009

Since there's a new video page here on, I've re-posted the Living the Legend Video, which is a professionally shot mini-documentary on the real Antique Airfield.

Three Generations of the Grimm Family Flying at Blakesburg 2009

Posted in News | September 21, 2009

Bob Grimm is one of the people who keep the Blakesburg fly-in running smoothly. Bob's the flagger at the end of the runway. This year at the fly-in a special event occurred for Bob:

During a lull in the action Saturday evening. I got the opportunity to take a break from flagging (whew!) and take my 3 1/2 year old grandson Gabe Henze for his first ever airplane ride.

Three Generations of the Grimm Family flying at Blakesburg

We thought about working in a ride for sometime during the fly-in just because it would hold a real significance for us, but things just weren't working out. Well I still don't know how, but that evening the planets aligned and the right moment, the right conditions, and the right airplane were just there.

My daughter put Gabe on her lap in the front seat of the very same J3 Cub that she got her first airplane ride in many, many moons before, and off we went! Thus, we were three generations sharing a beautiful Iowa summers evening in the skies. My Grandson was absolutely giddy, the air was smooooth, the view was amazing... and even my landing was good!!! Who could ask for more!?

Our family's third generation took wing for the first time at Blakesburg. Cool huh!

Bob Grimm

P.S. Gabe is the grand-nephew of Brent and Marcy Taylor. Newest flagman in training!

First Flight of Inter-Island Airways Bellanca CH-300

Posted in News | September 21, 2009

The Inter-Island Airways Bellanca CH-300, took to the air for a first flight after several years of rebuild. Inter-Island Airways is the forerunner of Hawaiian Airlines, and the Bellanca is heading to it's new old home in Honolulu to celebrate Hawaiian's 80th anniversary in October. John Pike (former owner) and Bruce Clemens (Hawaiian Airlines pilot) flying.

Beech 18 Formation Flying

Posted in Members | September 21, 2009

Chuck Doyle and Matt Younkin got some great formation flying in on their way to the 2009 Fly-In. Click the photos for enlargements. Photos by Adam Glowaski.