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Panorama of Howards and Corporate Wings at the Blakesburg Fly-In

Posted in News | September 04, 2009

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Friday at Blakesburg

Posted in News | September 04, 2009

Hopping rides in a Bucker.

Dreaming of flying a Waco.

Stories with Captain Chuck Downey.

A beautiful Rearwin Cloudster, freshly restored.

A family matched set of Culver Cadets.

Blakesburg Photos from Thursday Evening

Posted in News | September 04, 2009

Thursday was a beautiful day at the fly-in, with about 160 planes on the field. Photos by Clay Anderson.

Larry Howard's Laird arriving
Larry Howard's Laird arriving.

Corporate Aircraft at Antique Airfield
Corporate Aircraft at Antique Airfield

Piles of Treasure at the Fly-Mart
Piles of Treasure at the Fly-Mart.

The parking crew
The aircraft parking crew.

Jim Jones arriving in his Meyers OTW
Jim Jones arriving in his Meyers OTW.

Multi-colored Howards at the fly-in
A multi-colored lineup of Howards.

Balloon over Antique Airfield at sunset
A balloon floated by just as the sun was setting.

Hopping rides in the evening
Hopping rides in the evening.

Wedding Update at Blakesburg

Posted in News | September 04, 2009

Cynthia Grant and Howard Hollinger's wedding will take place at 1pm on the steps of the Library at Antique Airfield. Photos to come soon!

First Taxi Test of Inland Sport

Posted in Members | September 04, 2009

Jim Clark sent a photo of the taxi test of an Inland Sport, just out of restoration.

Inland Sport

Antique Friendly Fuel Stops

Posted in News | September 04, 2009

Got a favorite fuel stop that's antiquer-friendly? Send it in and we'll publish it for the benefit of other members. Two good stops when approaching Blakesburg from are:

Carlson Aviation at Yankton, SD. Gary and Katie Carlson run the FBO which has a great terminal and lounge, cheap gas (ask about an antiquer & Oshkosh discount) and wonderful friendly service. Hangars are available for antiquers. After a long day of being bumped across the South Dakota badlands, Yankton is a welcoming place to relax.

Greenfield, IA now has a 24 hour credit card gas pump, and is the home to the Iowa Aviation Museum which is well worth seeing.

Iowa Aviation Museum
A quick look inside the Iowa Aviation Museum.

Meeting People Along the Way in a Luscombe

Posted in Members | September 04, 2009

Cynthia Grant and Howard Hollinger sent a quick set of photos about their flight to Blakesburg from Texas:

One of the best things about flying a Luscombe is the interesting people you meet at fuel stops along the way. We met Joe Champagne, winner of the 2008 Airventure Best Luscombe award, at Miami, OK. At Lee's Summit, MO, we met Howard Cox, who is looking for a Luscombe 8A.

Joe Champagne at Miami OK
Joe Champagne at Miami, OK.

Howard Cox at Lee's Summit MO
Howard Cox at Lee's Summit, MO.

Twin Beeches on the Way to Blakesburg

Posted in Members | September 04, 2009

Chuck Doyle sent us this photo of a pair of Twin Beech's preparing for Corporate Wings at Blakesburg. Matt Younkin's C model and Chuck Doyle's D model at members Doug Rozendaal's hangar Mason City IA.

Twin Beeches in Mason City IA

Cynthia and Howard's Trip to Blakesburg

Posted in Members | September 01, 2009

Cynthia Grant sent some photos about Howard Hollinger's and her trip to the Fly-In at Blakesburg:

Cynthia Grant and Howard Hollinger ready to depart with their Luscombes at Mid-Way airport

We have arrived! We left Dallas yesterday morning, stopped in McAlester, OK, and Miami, OK, then spent the night in Lee's Summit, MO. Landed in Blakesburg today about 2PM. The first picture is us on the ramp at Mid-Way (KJWY) with NC1761K and WSA, ready to leave. The next two are of NC1761K and WSA, somewhere over Oklahoma.


NC1761K somewhere over Oklahoma

WSA somewhere over Oklahoma

Strategy For Getting Epoxy Adhesives Approved in AC43.13

Posted in News | September 01, 2009

For some time Mike Grimes, Addison Pemberton and others have been working to get AC43.13-1B updated to unambigously authorize the use of modern, readily available epoxy adhesives when restoring and maintaining wood structures in vintage aircraft. Mike Grimes has worked with the FAA and has some advice on how the antiquer community should engage with the FAA. The following is from Mike:

Many of us collaborated on the rewrite of AC43.13-1B about 15 years ago. When the work was edited in Washington, D.C. by the head FAA maintenance guy a lot of the good information got tossed out and some bad info inserted.

I am well aware of the West System/epoxy/adhesive issue. I am also well aware that this is just a SMALL part of the problems in the current AC.

I have been trying to stress to Addison and everybody else that what we REALLY NEED to do is draw awareness to the FAA folks in Washington, D.C. that AC43.13-1B needs to be overhauled. If we are successful in this THEN they will allocate funds for the revision. If nobody complains about the need to revise AC43.13-1B then it probably won't get revised. Simple.

Once we get the door opened then Dick and I can work with the FAA and correct the AC, including the adhesives issue.

Again, we need letters to the FAA (AFS-300) indicating that we vintage aircraft owner/maintainers need AC43.13-1B updated as we depend upon it for ACCURATE data in order that we can maintain our vintage aircraft in an airworthy condition.

DON'T MENTION THE EPOXY ISSUE, IT'S NOT WHAT WE WANT TO ACCOMPLISH AT THIS MOMENT. I'll take care of that at the proper time. Trust me.

For right now what needs to be done is for the aviation community to let the FAA know that AC43.13-1B is critical as a data source for the Maintenance and repair of vintage and amateur built aircraft. This is what Charlie Fellows is fighting for right now, but he's bucking a large bureaucracy that's attempting to allocate funds to varied other projects. As Charlie told me, he had to fight uphill to update AC43.13-1B recently and when it was done there was NO feedback from the aviation community for which it was updated. Result: Lack of interest by the FAA chiefs in updating AC43.13-1B. If they decide not to update it there is no way that I, or anybody else, can help in getting it fixed.

Solution: Flood the FAA with letters from the aviation community Indicating our need for AC43.13-1B to be updated so that we can have up-to-date data for the maintenance and repair of vintage and amateur Built aircraft. This is a safety of flight issue!

U.S. Dept. of Transportation
Federal Aviation Administration
800 Independence Ave. SW
Washington, D.C. 20591

Attn: Charlie Fellows, if you wish.

The plan to fix the adhesives mess is already in place, but I need a Format to put it on. An revised AC43.13-1B is the place to start.