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Don Parsons' Blog: 01-11 Too cold to work.

Posted in Members | January 12, 2010
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It's cold in here! Glenn's heater broke this weekend and we didn't know it until today. It was pretty cold in there yesterday when Sky was working on the baggage compartment lid and I was trying to get cotter-key holes lined up in castle-nuts. When we came out this morning, it was 46 degrees in the hangar. We had the guy put some more propane in the tank but it turned out to be the blower fan.

Ryan Georgi's Blog: ...and the evening sun.

Posted in Members | January 11, 2010
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Stan Sweikar's Fleet Project

Posted in Members | January 07, 2010

Stan Sweikar wrote to us about his Fleet project:

Now hunkered down for the cold winter getting some quality shop time.

Winter's project is finishing the upper wing to my 1929 Fleet Model 2, NC431K. At present working the dope up through silver, lots of wet sanding and then will be followed by the color finishing coats Lower wings and tail feathers are completed. Fuselage is ready for cover and will be next. But at the rate I'm going, first flight is still several years off.


Colorado Chapter January 2010 Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | January 07, 2010
Here's the Colorado Chapter January Newsletter. Annual banquet January 23rd, with a program on flying WWI biplanes from Denver to Dayton.

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Don Parsons' Blog: 01/05 Cub Progress - Putting on the Shock Cords

Posted in Members | January 06, 2010
This article is from Don Parsons' Blog Flying Antique Airplanes, who has kindly granted permission to re-publish on

Under Glenn's supervision, Sky and I learned how to put on shock cords this afternoon. He has a homemade "stretcher" which you put in a vise to use. Then it's a piece of cake to stretch them out and put them on. You just have to be careful, it one breaks it slaps you upside the head!

A Thank You From Harman Dickerson to Fly-Mart Volunteers

Posted in News | December 31, 2009

Stalwart AAA/APM Fly-in volunteer and master of our Fly-market, Harman Dickerson, would like to extend his most heartfelt thanks to those volunteers who help with the organizing and running of what is one of the most popular features of the annual AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in. His crew of Darrell Williams, Don Grimm, Don Miles, Bob Eddington and Nick Hildreth help provide the manpower and knowledge that make the Fly-market operate smoothly and successfully. But his biggest praise goes to Dianne Hildreth who managed the cleaning and preparation of the Fly-Market site making it much more user friendly.

Fly-mart counter at the 2008 Fly-In

Harman also extends his thanks to all those who donated or consigned parts to the Fly-market helping make 2009 one of the most successful years ever. Harman and his crew look forward to 2010 and hope to see you there.

Texas Chapter January Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | December 31, 2009
Here's the Texas Chapter January 2010 Newsletter. Chapter news, speaker information for the next chapter meeting, and an article about a Bird.

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Dan Linn's Blog: Web Site Updates and New Stearman Page

Posted in Members | December 31, 2009
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Hope all you vintage aircraft enthusiasts have had a Happy Holiday season. We have had several snow days here in Texas this last week so I have been busy updating my web site and building a new "survivors" page. Now listed on Another Time is a listing of surviving civilian model Stearmans. Take a look and send in updates and pictures to us.

Civilian Stearmans

Restoration Center End of Year Update

Posted in News | December 30, 2009

With the end of the year, as well as the decade, looming large in everyone's vision, many are taking time to reflect upon the people, places and events that have made our current trip around the sun yet another interesting, fun and adventurous one (we hope).

With that reflection usually comes contemplation of the future and what lies ahead. Whether it is getting out and flying more, getting that restoration project started or moved further along, or finally getting to attend the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in in your antique/classic aircraft, the coming year will as always prove to be an interesting one for those involved in antique airplanes.

Here at Antique Airfield we look forward to the coming year and the opportunities that will arise to help us further our goals and broaden our membership.

Currently we are putting the finishing touches on the latest issue of the Antique Airfield Runway that we plan to go to press with next week. Included in that issue will be the official announcement of the 2010 AAA/APM Fly-in (Sep 1-6, 2010) theme and featured aircraft. This news will also be appearing here on the web site in the very near future so check back soon and often.

I would also like to report on the progress of the APM Restoration & Maintenance Center. While an early winter precluded any construction work getting accomplished we have moved forward with planning and fund raising. We hope to very soon have available a completed floor plan and 3D model of the final design for the facility. We have managed to find a way to expand the building slightly to give us an overall size of 76' x 40'. The roof line has also changed to mate up to the museum storage hangar in a more functional manner eliminating some potential drainage problems. The steel trusses for the roof have been purchased and will be delivered here to Antique Airfield in the spring.

Fund raising for this facility in the form of our "Buy-a-Foot" campaign has been well received and continues to help us accrue the funds necessary to build and equip this facility. At present 1039 sq ft of the available 2840 sq ft (36.58%) has been spoken/paid for totaling, as of today, $25,975. Along with other pledges of money, materials and Jim Miller's seed money we have grossed over $44,000 in our efforts to get the facility built.

But if you want to join the ranks of Antique Airfield Ambassadors and get your "piece of the rock", you better act quickly. That is if you want your donation to the APM Restoration & Maintenance Center to be deductible on your 2009 taxes (the APM being a tax deductible IRS 501 (C) (3) organization). Any donations postmarked or received via PayPal by tomorrow will be eligible for deductibility on your 2009 tax return.

There is more exciting news on the horizon for the APM and we will share that with you as soon as is possible but until then, the staff here at Antique Airfield, the directors and volunteers of the AAA and APM and our web master Russell Williams wish you all a "Happy New Year". Looking forward to seeing you in 2010.

Brent Taylor

Stinson Model "O" Videos

Posted in Members | December 28, 2009

The engine has run on Brad Poling's Stinson Model "0" Replica project at Evergreen Aviation Services. Only an antiquer could get excited about a video with 2 minutes of engine noise! That means I qualify, the R-680 sure sounds good.