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Antiquer's Store

Posted in News | September 24, 2008

The online Antiquer's Store is now open! If you forgot to get your Pilot's Pub Beer Koozies and Air Mail Days pins at the fly-in, now you have another chance and can order online. Open all the time. Look for more Antiquer merchandise in the future.

Pilot's Pub Beer Koozie

Click for the Antiquer's Store.

Complete List of 2008 Award Winners

Posted in News | September 24, 2008

Brent Taylor has kindly provided the complete list of award winners for the 2008 Fly-in, including the Grand Champion award winners (same as below) and the Chapter, Type Club, and special awards.

Paul Berge and Taryn Pemberton presenting the 2008 fly-in awards
Paul Berge and Taryn Pemberton presenting the 2008 fly-in awards.
Photo by Jim Jones

Wisconsin Chapter Newsletter

Posted in Chapter News | September 24, 2008

Here's the Wisconsin Antiquer newsletter for September 2008.

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Award Winners from 2008 Fly-In

Posted in News | September 16, 2008

Here are the award winners from the 2008 fly-in. Ben Taylor had the brilliant idea of holding the ceremony out in front of the pilot's pub at sunset!

Sweepstakes Hatz Classic NX230RS Ron Sieck, Grinnell, IA
Grand Champion Waco UMF-5 Replica NX14377 John & Belinda Hudec, Collinsville, OK
Sweepstakes Aeronca 7AC N82395 Terry Bolger, Elk Grove Village, IL
  Cessna 170 N2548D Gale Stock, Kirksville, MO
Grand Champion Luscombe 8A N1168K Mark May, Watkins, CO
War Bird
Sweepstakes Boeing A75N1 N5106N David Derby, La Jolla, CA
Grand Champion North American T-6G N66TY Jeff Hamilton, Spokane WA
Sweepstakes Funk B85C N2415E Chris Laux, Gladstone, MO
Grand Champion Rearwin 8500 NC16473 Jerry May, Kearney, NE
Sweepstakes DeHavilland DH-4M2 N3249H Al Stix, Creve Coeur, MO
Grand Champion Curtiss JN-4H N3223 Frank Schelling, Pleasant Hill, CA

Fly-in Recap by Brent Taylor

Posted in News | September 16, 2008

Sept 5, 2008

As I made my way from home across the runway to work this morning, it occurred to me that just a week ago Antique Airfield was bustling with people, planes and activity. But now I look around and it has once again returned to it's normal bucolic state with the only indication a major aviation event had occurred, being the worn and browned grass on the runway, taxiways and parking areas.

By all accounts and comments the 2008 AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in was a success. From the number and quality of the aircraft, to the fine group of folks whom attended, to the almost perfect weather. But before I get to the highlights I would be amiss if I didn't thank the people whom help with their time, money and talents to make this fly-in possible. For those that may not be aware the full time staff at Antique Airfield consists of only five people and there is just no way five people can put on an event like the AAA/APM Fly-in. From field preparations, aircraft and car parking, flagging (ATC), registration, the museum store, the flymarket, ice cream sales, vendors, trash pickup, facility maintenance, security, aircraft fueling, the Pilot's Pub, movies, awards, food services, the memorial service, PA system set up and take down, web site updates, aircraft count etc. It takes a myriad of talented people who volunteer to help make the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in the premiere aviation event it is. They are not only due thanks and praise from myself and Antique Airfield's staff, but also from all participants and visitors to the fly-in. So to those wonderful volunteers THANK YOU !!!

So for those that were in attendance and those that could not be following are but a few highlights.

Our theme for 2008 was "Air Mail Days" a celebration of the 90th Anniversary of Scheduled Airmail in the US. Due to the hard work and diligence of APM board President, Mike Gretz and Blakesburg Postmaster, Susie Pierson, this once in a lifetime event turned out to be very successful. We flew the mail for four days from Antique Airfield to nearby Ottumwa airport and for two days onto Iowa City and return. We had a wide variety of aircraft (18) participate in these flights over the four days but the sights and sounds of a Hisso "Jenny", a DeHavilland DH-4, a Boeing 40 and a Ford Tri-motor once again flying the mail made these flights truly historically significant. Other aircraft participating in the flights over the four days included a Sikorsky S-39 flying boat, two Stearman model 4 "Speedmails", the oldest flyable Stearman in existence (C3B), a Stinson Tri-motor, Waco Staightwing, Waco UEC, New Standard D-25 (which flew mail and postal officials as well), Bird CK, two Navy marked N2S Stearmans, the APM Aeronca Champ and some international mail flown in a Canadian registered DeHavilland Tiger Moth.

To go along with the airmail theme the "Runway Cinema" in the evenings featured such movies as "Blaze of Noon" and John Ford's "Airmail". Bill Tinkler gave a program on Fri, "Air Mail 60", about his flight in 1984 to retrace the transcontinental airmail route from E-W that was well attended and received.

On Saturday one of the big events, and a big surprise for AAA President Robert Taylor, happened. RLT received the FAA "Charles Taylor Master Mechanic" award from Ken Rieger (DSM FSDO Manager) in a surprise ceremony that had been ostensibly set as a meeting/discussion about a new FAA advisory circular. To see him receive recognition for his years of efforts to preserve, protect and help keep antique airplanes flying, in front of others whom have benefited from those efforts, as well as happening on his own airport was a special moment for all in attendance.

By Sunday with the weather still great it was suggested (by son Ben) that we hold the awards ceremony outside in front of Hangar #1 instead of inside the APM Hangar. So it was that as the sun set on the backdrop of Frank Schelling's Jenny and Addison Pemberton's Boeing 40 those assembled were treated to a couple of short video's of fly-in's past followed by Paul Berge and RLT handing out the awards. Grand Champion Antique was awarded to Frank Schelling for his Hisso powered Curtiss JN-4H "Jenny" capping off a great week.

As a final note in this abbreviated report I offer the following. Though we had a few exciting moments in connection with aircraft operations there were no accidents nor incidents making it a very safe fly-in. For that we are thankful and applaud the abilities and diligence of those 331 aircraft pilots operating strictly in a see and be seen, non radio mode into and out of Antique Airfield during the fly-in.

We hope to see you all next year Sep 2nd - 7th, 2009!

Brent Taylor
Fly-in Chairman

Transcontinental Air Mail Flight In Progress

Posted in News | September 16, 2008

Addison Pemberton, Larry Tobin, Ben Scott, Al Holloway and George Perks are re-enacting the transcontinental air mail flights in celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Air Mail.

Addison, Larry, and Ben are dedicated to recreate this epic flight to honor the pioneers of commercial aviation in the U.S. This commemorates the 90th year of air mail service in the U.S. and will bring visibility to the general public. Each of the 15 original air mail stops will include an education program. The "flight" is also authorized to carry official U.S. mail for the post office between New York and San Francisco. A staff photographer, George Perks, will fly along with the flight to document this historic re-enactment.

The Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine is tracking the flight at with daily pictures. The flight is about halfway over so far!

Route of the Transcontinental Air Mail Flight

Here's a flyer for the flight with the route and details of the schedule.

Fly-in Comments from Members

Posted in Members | September 16, 2008

Thought we'd publish some comments from folks who made it to the 2008 Fly-in. Please send us your thoughts too!

From: Ken Nelson

It took me 18 years to finally make it to your fly-in and all I can say is that it has been my loss not to have attended earlier. I stopped by Antique field on my way to and from Florida in my 11ac back in 1991 and have intended to come to fly in ever since. This year both work and weather cooperated for the trip. This trip was the first longer cross country in my Aeronca Sedan since I majored engine - prop -new firewall - new wiring and breakers - new exhaust system - gps - transponder.

What impressed me about fly in was the people - simple country atmosphere - being able to be relatively close to great airplanes as they flew - good food at a reasonable price - KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND I HOPE TO MAKE IT BACK NEXT YEAR.

From: Sonya Spencer

The covers arrived today in perfect order. Thanks for your prompt attention and especially a hugh thanks for the great flyin. We flew 3 days from California to get there and three days to return home and it was worth every minute. Fabulous!! What will you do for an encore?

From: Rosemary Duckworth

There is only one word to describe the 2008 Fly-In at Antique Airfield: PRICELESS....

Thank you so much for all your hard work. I have never seen so many happy faces in one place. Is Addison Pemberton always smiling? And Greg Herrick with his "thumbs up" after tying down the Tri-Motor????

Do you know if someone is doing a photo cd? I think it would be a great fundraiser for the AAA and people would buy them in a heartbeat. I know I would buy more than one!!! I asked Mike Gretz if he had any of the stamps that were used on the envelopes for sale, and he said to ask Brent if that might be a possibility to offer on the website in the future.

Oh, thanks for the memories.......... Rosie

From: Jan and Ron Schuster

Taylors and all Volunteers,

Thank you so much for the most enjoyable fly-in we have ever attended. I attended the AAA fly-in last year, fell in love with the association and joined. I vowed to return this year, with my wife and camp out for the festivities. In deed we did.

Yes, the airplanes were great, yes the preparation was great, yes the food was great and all the people from aircraft handlers to the catered food treated all of us with respect. Felt like family, thanks again!

Air Mail Covers Shipping Update

Posted in News | September 16, 2008

As of 9-15-08 all orders received (to this point) for covers flown during "Air Mail Days" have been shipped.

While we can no longer fill future orders for the sets of four or the complete sets of ten covers, there are still covers available from 8 of the 10 legs flown over the four days. Orders for these covers can be placed here on the AAA/APM web site.

Texas and Florida Antique Biplane Association September Chapter Newsletters

Posted in Chapter News | September 16, 2008
Here are the Texas Chapter September 2008 and Florida Antique Biplane Association September newsletters.

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Wings are on Bud Field's Dragon Rapide

Posted in Members | September 04, 2008

The wings are now back on Bud Field's Dragon Rapide project.