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Cub Flying at Blakesburg

Posted in News | September 04, 2008

For folks who didn't have a chance to make the Fly-In this past weekend, Rob Bach and Carolyn Applegate kindly took some photos of the approach in the Applegate's Cub. It is almost like being there! All photos by Carolyn or Rob.

Anybody want to go fly?

Got a taker. Taxiing out.

In the pattern.

Overhead Antique Airfield.

Left base, landing to the south.

Short final.


Filling up for the next flight.

Antique Airfield in the Papers

Posted in News | September 04, 2008

The flights at Air Mail Days picked up some press coverage last weekend:

Airmail Covers and Pins to Ship Friday Sept 5

Posted in News | September 04, 2008

For everybody who pre-ordered Air Mail pins and postal covers: Thank you! The covers and pins will be shipping out this Friday, August 5th.

Sunset Jenny Flight

Posted in News | September 02, 2008

On Sunday evening at the Fly-in, as the air was cool and just as the sun was going behind the trees, Eric Presten and Frank Schelling treated Skeeter Carlson for a ride in the Jenny. It was a great way to end the day of flying.

Photo by Rob Bach

Photo by Rob Bach

Photo by Rob Bach

Photo by Rob Bach

Photo by Ryan Pemberton

DH-4 Flying at Antique Airfield

Posted in News | September 02, 2008

Al Stix's DeHavilland DH-4 was at Blakesburg this year, flown by Glen Peck. Here are two videos taken by Rob Bach. Listen to the sound of that Liberty!

Fly-in Retrospectives On the Way

Posted in News | September 02, 2008

What a great fly-in this year! Hats off to the crew of volunteers at Blakesburg for making Air Mail Days one of the best fly-ins I've ever attended. Over the next few days, and probably weeks, I'll be posting up photos from the fly-in. If you have photos you'd like to share, please send me some email at and I'll put them on the site.

Photo by Gilles Auliard

Weathered Out of Blakesburg, but Bellancas Fly Regardless

Posted in Members | September 02, 2008

Jonathan Baron and Lynn Ford were weathered out of Blakesburg from their east coast locations, but in spite of that they did some flying this weekend with an impromptu Bellanca Triple Tail Tour ™ stop at Butler, Pennsylvania. Congratulations to Lynn for completing his recover in the past week!

Saturday: Another Beautiful Day at the Fly-In

Posted in News | August 30, 2008

It has been another beautiful day at the fly-in. The mail has flown again, lots of flying has been going on, and attendance is upwards of 320 aircraft. The field was nearly full at the height of the day.

With all the visiting, flying, and meeting folks, your webmaster didn't have much chance to take pictures, so today's photo report is a bit short. I'll post more pictures as I get them in from other photographers at the fly-in, so check back.

Early morning light and dew on an Airmaster.

Gary Van Farowe inspects the Boeing Model 40.

Photo by Tamara Williams

This 170 is a close tie with an Ercoupe for most highly polished aircraft on the field. As a veteran polisher I applaud their efforts!

Spinning some tales.

Photo by Tamara Williams

Dawn patrol in the Stearman. I love the smell of engine oil in the morning.

Frank Schelling, Skeeter Carlson, and Jim "Speed" Miller compare notes on the Jenny.

Ryan Pemberton and assistant doing some on-field maintenance.

Photo by Tamara Williams

Friday at the Fly-In

Posted in News | August 29, 2008

The Blakesburg Fly-In is in full swing. The mail flew and the DH-4 arrived. Friendships were renewed and many rides were given.

Antique Airfield is filling up. The drive-in parking lot filled up by mid-afternoon.

Photo by Gilles Auliard

The mail arrives by Model A, with Bob Taylor and the Blakesburg Postmaster officiating.

The Air Mail pilots are registered and sworn in.

Addison Pemberton models the latest in air mail pilot fashion before departing for Ottumwa in the Boeing Model 40.

The DH-4 arrives at Antique Airfield. You should hear that Liberty run!

Treasures are found and treasure is spent at the Fly Market. Harman Dickerson has his Second Annual Pre-Estate Sale as well as holding down the front desk with the Fly Market crew.

Taking in the sights and sounds of Antique Airfield. Lots of action this morning as the mail flights departed.

Greg Herrick's Ford Trimotor on the mail route to Iowa City.

Photo by Gilles Auliard

Eric Presten briefing wing walkers and ground support for the Jenny's mail flight.

Jenny in the air.

Photo by Gilles Auliard

Crew for the Iowa City mail run.

Photo by Gilles Auliard

The parking crew at Antique Airfield after a busy day. Well done guys, we couldn't have the fly-in without you.

Jim Reddick, Jim Clark and friends catching up while relaxing in the shade under Mike and Candy Vaughan's Howard's wing. I wish my airplane had a high wing on a sunny day like today.

A proud of his Callair, and a happy first-timer at Blakesburg. Thanks for coming!

Fly-in Trips: Boeing Model 40 Arrives

Posted in News | August 28, 2008

The crew from Washington State arrived today. Addison Pemberton's Boeing Model 40 was the featured ship along with Larry Tobin's mailplane Stearman C3B and Ben Scott's Stearman Speedmail. Prior to landing at Blakesburg there was a rendezvous at Harve Applegate's strip in Missouri. Six ships lined up on the grass led by Harve's Cabin Waco, what a sight!

Note the regulation Air Mail Pilot tie sported by Jay Pemberton.

About an hour after the Boeing landed at Blakesburg, Greg Herrick's Stinson and Ford Trimotors arrived near to sunset. What a great end to the day.

Thunderstorm lines and low visibility have been holding up a number of people on Thursday, but Friday's weather is predicted to be clearer. Hope to see you all there at Blakesburg!