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Washingtonians Headed for Blakesburg

Posted in Members | August 25, 2008

The crew from Spokane sent us these pictures of Larry Tobin, Terry Middaugh, and Russell Williams in formation heading for Blakesbug. Arrival at Antique Airfield should be Thursday. Photo credits: George Perks

Wanted: Pictures of Your Trip to Blakesburg

Posted in News | August 25, 2008

Are you heading for Blakesburg this week? Send us a picture of yourself along the way! Or even if you're not heading for Blakesburg, send us a picture. Keep the photos coming in!

Mowing Party!

Posted in News | August 23, 2008

John Deere Convention?
Tractor pull at Antique Airfield?
New Reality Show?

No, the group pictured are volunteers from two states that showed up to help prepare Antique Airfield for the onslaught of antique airplanes this coming week. With a diverse group of AAA members/volunteers, seventeen tractors/mowers plus other shovels, rakes and implements of destruction, Antique Airfield has been mowed, trimmed, weed eated and prepared for the upcoming fly-in.

It is due to the dedication, help and hard work of these volunteers that Antique Airfield always looks it's best when our members and their aircraft begin arriving for what the pictured group feel is the best fly-in anywhere.

See you later this week!!
Brent Taylor

Test Flight of Larry Howard's Laird

Posted in Members | August 23, 2008

Larry Howard's 1931 Laird LCB test flight went perfect today. I was entrusted with ride one. This spirited beast was airborne in 4 seconds and out climbed my son Jay in our Cessna 185 flying chase. The airplane is a joy with wonderful control harmony and light effective controls, a true thoroughbred of the sky. The aircraft is very well mannered on the runway with good visibility for a radial biplane. The big 440 Wright really sounds right for sure with a throaty growl. After the 0.7 test hop we re-pitched the prop and Larry and I had a chance to fly the airplane together for an hour. Larry got a chance to fly his masterpiece with a big happy grin and a sparkle in his eye.

Addison Pemberton

Lynn Ford's Bellanca Cruisemaster Flies Again

Posted in Members | August 23, 2008

Lynn Ford sent us a photo of the finished recover job on his Bellanca Cruisemaster. Lynn did all the work himself over the winter of 2007 and spring 2008. Congratulations Lynn, and long live The Crate! Hope to see it in person at the fly-in in a few days.

Air Mail Days Starts Wednesday August 27th

Posted in News | August 21, 2008

The annual Blakesburg Fly-in, Air Mail Days, starts next Wednesday August 27. Lots of folks have plans to fly-in or drive in, and it isn't too late to join the fun. If you haven't already registered, you can do so online. Hope to see you there!

DH-4M2 to attend Air Mail Days

Posted in News | August 21, 2008

The beautifully restored DH4-M2 owned by Al Stix, and restored and flown by Glen Peck, will be coming to Air Mail Days. It will be flown from Dauster Field, Creve Coeur, MO. The airplane is in Robertson Aircraft markings, for CAM 2 for whom Lindberg flew.

Photo by Don Parsons

Model A's Visit Antique Airfield

Posted in News | August 21, 2008
The Central Iowa Model A Ford Club came by to visit Antique Airfield today (August 21) with 28 Model A's. This visit was organized and lead by AAA member Clarence Cory. So we rolled the APM's Model A powered Pietenpol Sky Scout out for a group picture.

One of the visiting Model A owners was AAA member Craig Martin who is better known as one of our stalwart pumpkin bomber pilots.

The Model A that got the most attention from the crew around Antique Airfield was the one configured as a fuel truck. This created a scene that could have been straight from the early 1930's!

Discussion of new Materials Substitution AC

Posted in News | August 18, 2008

There's going to be a discussion of the new AC 23-27 (Substitution of Parts and Materials) and AC 43-13-2B (Approved Alterations data) at the fly-in on Saturday August 30th in Hangar #1. The meeting is tenatively scheduled for 1pm. This is an important set of rules for antiquers so please come to hear about it.

Two more planes for Air Mail Days

Posted in News | August 18, 2008

Greg Herrick is going to be bringing his Tri-Motor Ford and Stinson SM-6000B to Air Mail Days, both of which are mail planes.

This Ford 4-AT, besides being the oldest Ford Tri-motor flying, being flown by many famous pilots, etc., was also an airmail carrier. Charles Lindbergh made the inaugural flights of F.A.M. (Foreign Air Mail) route 8 in Ford 1077 operating for the Mexican subsidiary of Pan American Airways. These flights were from Mexico City to Brownsville, TX on the 9th of March, 1929 with a return to Mexico City on March 10th, 1929. Lindbergh carried all dispatches between Mexico City and Brownsville in both directions with a reported total of 538 lbs of mail.
Stinson SM-6000B N11153. Sold new in 1931 to Century Airlines flying daily from Chicago. Then to American Airways in April 1932 where it was operated as as both a mail and passenger carrier. Today it remains the oldest surviving American Airlines aircraft.