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Summer 2008 Issue of Antique Airfield Runway Mailed

Posted in News | July 27, 2008
The summer 2008 issue of Antique Airfield Runway will be mailed 7/28/2008. This issue contains registration information for this year's Fly-In, Air Mail Days, or the registration information is available here online.

Click the cover for a fullsize image

Concrete Old Fashioned Fly-In

Posted in News | July 27, 2008

This weekend the folks at Concrete, WA held an Old-Fashioned Fly-In, and this year the turnout was great. The Concrete fly-in had a better variety and greater number of antique and classics than the Arlington EAA event! There's a budding antique community at Concrete, there's the Skagit Aero Education Museum and small things like having great grass are starting to pay off. West coast antiquers might consider attending next year. More photos are available here.

Online Fly-In Registration Now Open

Posted in News | July 26, 2008

We're pleased to announce that AAA Members can register for the AAA National Invitational Fly-In at Blakesburg using this website. Online payment is accepted with credit cards or PayPal. You can of course still mail in registration forms if you prefer to do so. If you're not yet a member you're invited to join, but we still have to do membership applications using paper so you'll need to call or fax us. Online membership is coming soon.

On the left navigation you'll find links to the Air Mail Days program, the Pilot Information sheet, accommodations information, a map of Antique Airfield, and the First Timer's Guide to attending the Blakesburg fly-in. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this information especially the pilot information.

This is the first time we've tried online registration, so if it doesn't work for some reason please email Thanks!

Online Registration Form.

Pitcairn Autogiro Flight Video

Posted in Members | July 26, 2008

Nick Hurm sent us this video of the first day of flying of their 1932 Pitcairn autogiro. The plane was restored by Leading Edge Aircraft of Spring Valley, Ohio, headed by Jack Tiffany. The ship was a basketcase when we acquired it in 1999.

Movies and the Fly-In

Posted in News | July 26, 2008

Man has always desired entertainment. It used to be that he’d entertain himself during the day with only sleep to fill his lonely nights. Then man invented fire. Now he could draw pictures of his friends and accomplishments on dark cave walls. Next he invented the light bulb. Soon after came nitrocellulose film and the projector (right around the same time as the Air Mail Service I wager). Now man had moving pictures for entertainment! Finally man made it to the nuclear age after learning to split the atom and harness its power.

Photo by Don Parsons

We at Antique Airfield have packed the power of cold fusion into a bright, high quality, HD projector of aviation movies for your evening enjoyment. Of course the screen has to be rather large, nine feet by twelve feet actually (or if you prefer fifteen feet diagonally), so as not to melt. The happy side effect will be the ability to see these grand mail carrying aviation movies from the wind tee if one wishes.

Of course, just in case you were to chose to enjoy this entertainment spectacle whilst spinning about on the wind tee (as in the days of your youth), we must also provide for an equally technologically mind blowing sound system! All the better to hear it with if you please. Well placed extraordinarily high quality, rich sounding speakers will flank the screen (not so close as to melt however) hooked into a 5000 watt pro audio system. And who knows, we may even shoot for surround sound this year!

So come join us, while your aircraft rests, tied down in the grass at Antique Airfield. Don’t worry; it will still be there in the morning when we will carry the mail ourselves, recreating the pageantry and wonder of the previous night’s entertainment.

Aaron Klugherz
Movies Planned for the Fly-In

Randy Miller's Stearman Restoration Flies

Posted in Members | July 26, 2008

3 years and countless man hours later... turned out pretty good and she flies even better!

Randy Miller
Randy's Website.

Fly-In News and Best in Class Awards Decision

Posted in News | July 26, 2008

With the annual AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in but a few short weeks away, the staff and volunteers around Antique Airfield are quite busy with preparations for what we hope will be a landmark event. Even though the price of fuel and other economic worries seem to be curtailing peoples travels and their discretionary spending, we have been hearing from members across the country that plan on making the trip to Antique Airfield, for the fly-in, a priority this year.

Currently the latest issue of the Antique Airfield Runway is at the printers and we hope to begin mailing this 24 page issue, containing all the fly-in information, early next week. When you receive this latest issue you will note that we have unfortunately had to raise the price of registration for the week of the fly-in from $45 to $51. This represents an increase of $2 per day and is the first increase in our fly-in registration costs since 1999. Please note though, that as it has been in the past AAA lifetime members pay no registration fees and camping fees will remain the same as they have since at least 2003.

However in an effort to control the ever increasing costs we are facing in conjunction with production of the fly-in, the AAA and APM Boards have looked at other areas which may provide us with some financial savings.

One of those areas was the number of awards we present yearly. Specifically the "Best-in-Class" awards. For those of you whom are regular attendees of the fly-in and whom stay through the awards meeting on Sun. evening you no doubt understand why these awards have become known as the "Gone Home" awards.

It is our feeling that perhaps the antique airplane movement is maturing to the point that receiving a trophy is not as important as the direct recognition and praise from other owners, restorers and pilots involved with antique airplanes. This type of interaction and camaraderie is certainly available at a members only event such as the AAA/APM Invitational Fly-in. Further we see the quality of restorations constantly reaching new heights while the emphasis on flying the airplanes and not just "showing" them as a static feature at an airshow or fly-in seems to be another reason for the success of our events here at Antique Airfield. Or perhaps people are just too relaxed and having too much fun at the AAA/APM Fly-in to be bothered with voting for or worrying about receiving a Best-in-Class award.

So the upshot is that we plan on doing away with the Best-in-Class awards this year. Does that mean there will be no awards presented? Certainly not! There will still be the various type club and AAA chapter choice trophies awarded as well as the Grand Champion class awards to be presented Sun. evening at the awards meeting. One of the benefits we hope to realize, with the elimination of the Best-in-Class awards, is more participation/voting for the Grand Champion awards. We have always and continue to feel that the more members/guests that participate in voting for the various Grand Champion classes the more it provides for a deserving and qualified aircraft/owner being recognized as a Grand Champion over an aircraft chosen by a finite group of judges.

That idea carries over to our chapters and various type clubs as well. We would like to see more participation by AAA Chapters and appropriate type clubs in the presenting of awards. These type awards will more directly reflect what you, the chapter/or type club and it's members, feel is a deserving award recipient. So please consider presenting a chapter choice trophy from your AAA chapter or a choice from your type club at the fly-in this year.

Along with other ideas we are currently working on to help make the annual Sunday evening awards meeting a more fitting climax to the weeks activities, we hope this will provide for more participation at this, the final event of the fly-in.

Brent Taylor
Fly-in Chairman

Roger Felts Tower Position and Hold Flight of Eight

Posted in Members | July 26, 2008

Is this cool or what? We had three more biplanes ready to go but had one mech problem and were short two pilots. How did that happen? We will try for 12 next time. Photo taken by George Perks airborne in his 172 to get the shot.

Stearman C3B, Travel Aire 4000, Boeing 40, 5 PT Stearmans. Addison.

Martin Mars hauled out at Sproat Lake, BC

Posted in News | July 09, 2008

You think you've got it bad with your antique's annuals? Kelly Mahon of Priest River, ID was flying near Sproat Lake, BC and snapped this photo of the Martin Mars tanker base which helps put things in perspective. Looks like some major work with an engine removed. Just hauling that seaplane out would be major work!

Bellanca Projects

Posted in Members | July 09, 2008

Member Lynn Ford has been recovering his Bellanca Cruisemaster, aka "The Crate", for the past several months and is nearly done. He sent us a photo with white paint on the fuselage.

Also Howard Cox in the UK has recently recovered and installed a new interior in his Bellanca Cruisemaster. This is reportedly the only flying Cruisemaster in Europe. Congratulations!